Strike Light Review – Is the Ape Survival Tactical Torch a Scam?

This is an expert review of the very popular self defense product from Ape Survival. We’ll find out whether the self defense tactical torch from Ape Survival  which is available here is really useful or its just another scam. Do not make any decision on buying this self defense product until you read the full review.

If you are familiar with the Strike light and are just looking for the official website click here or keep reading

Why do you need a Strike Light?

Today the world seems like a dangerous place with increasing crime rates across the globe. Crimes and criminals are around every corner and it is our safety that is at risk. We trust in our Government and the Police to protect is but the fat of the matter is that due to drastic increase in population and unfortunately decreasing number of people enrolling for the Police forces it is hard for them to protect us all. It is time we must be prepared to defend our selves from attackers if and when the situation presents itself.

We must prepare ourselves for a fight because we never know we could be attacked. Especially in today’s world where people can find your location through GPS and a stranger driving an UBER has your location or when your share your location through images on social media or snapchat and make yourself an easy target which is more true in case of girl who give away their location to their stalkers or creeps in this manner. So to protect your self when danger comes you can use many things that you may be carrying on a daily basis like an umbrella to attack or a bag or skate board to defend.

Even if you plan on going for a trek, camping or fishing with your crew you could be attacked. Many people live under the impression that these crimes happen but they never imagine themeselves being the victims, but you never know when it may happen. You generally prepare fill your haversack bags with clothes and other essentials to help you survive, but do you carry something to keep yourself safe if you or someone you care about is under threat? The Strike Light is a torch to look at but with unique features turning into something that will help you defend yourself from an attacker if and when you are outdoor and capming or trekking

What is the Strike Light?

The Strike Light is a simple torch to look at but it is built in such a way that it can be used as a weapon to defend yourself in case of danger. The material used to make this tactical torchlight is very strong and yet light and hence easy to carry. It is essentially a torch and hence also had a strong LED light with 3 modes and the light reaches far granting superior vision in the dark. The Strike Light can be kept in the back, pocket or even used as a keychain

What are the prominent features of the Strike Light?

The material – that is used to make the body of the pen is a solid aircraft grade aluminium which imparts superior strength but also grants it low weight making it easy to carry.

The design – is such that the exterior of the torch has teeth and with a simple twist-of-the-wrist the torch will extend 4 inches allowing you to strike from a longer range. The design is such

The grip – the torch comes with a strong cloth loop on the holding end for you to put your hand in and get better grip and not lose or drop the Strike Light in combat.

The Light – the Strike light has strong LED lights with three modes. Full brightness, half power and stroboscopic effect. You can also adjust the aperture to change the size of the light.

What are the Pros and Cons of the Strike Light?


– It is legal and unlike a gun doesnt require a license.

– It is lightweight and small hence easy to carry.

– It is designed to look like a torch and hence can be used to fool your attacker giving you the upperhand and a chance to land the first blow.

– having this increases your chances at survial in the forest.

– it is ery cost effective when compared to an armour or a gun in respect to protecting yourself.

– The light of the torch is so strong it can be used by the secutrity personell to locate you in a dense forest at night or can also give you a vision advantage in the night.

– It is waterproof and the light is strong enough to grant underwater vision too.

– It doesnt come with a complicated manual of instruction because everything is very simple and easy to understand.

– It has very good knock-out capability.


– the Strike Light is not available in store and the only way to purchase one is online.


The fact of the matter is that the Strike Light is a brilliantly designes tactical torchlight that is easy to carry and use in situations where there is threat to you or others around you, especially if you are out in the forest camping or fishing with your family. It is also a relatively feasible option for protecting and cant be used defensively as well as offensively to knock-out the attacker and run to safety. It looks like a simple torch but the material makes it strong to the point it is essentially un-breakable and is something you should get for your safety and survival to carry with you