10 Tips to Avoid Becoming An Easy Target for Criminals

Today the times are so bad, crime rates are increasing everywhere around the globe. We should be uniting and fighting against bigger problems such as global warming but people are busy killing one another for money.

The Government is doing its best to protect us but due to the sudden increase in population over the years, population explosion, and the decreasing number of people enrolling into the police force the cop-civilian ration is drastically falling hence hindering the ability of the police to protect us all. We must learn to protect ourselves better because there could be a fight or a criminal lurking around every corner.

One way to protect your self is to learn self defence arts like Muay Thai, Karate or even Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Another means to protect yourself would be to arm yourself with a weapon to help defend yourself, anything from a knife, tactical pen or even a licensed gun would do the trick, given that you know how to use them. These two methods are thing you can do or use once you have been attacked, but as the saying goes “Prevention is better than cure.”

Hence there is a third trick to protect yourself from criminals, that is stay out of their radar and prevent them from choosing you as their target. Most people who get mugged or rapes are victims because of opportunity. The intent of crime is something the criminals needs, but what he also needs is an opportunity and luckily this is the one thing we can control. A criminal too smartly selects his targets and we will give you a few tips as to how you can stay out of the criminals and not look like an easy target, hence depriving him of the opportunity he needs to commit the crime.

Tips to stay out of a criminal’s radar:

Show confidence

Showing confidence can help you to avoid looking as a easy target because people who lack confidence or look weak are targeted by criminals more often because it looks like they won’t or can’t put up a fight. So to look confident talk with your chin up and be alert of your surroundings and look people in the eye.

Don’t walk alone

Always try and make sure you have company at-least till your car after office or in post sunset hours. Remember to park your car close to the building and in an area where street lights are working. It is dark hours, less crowded streets and people walking alone that fall under what criminals might think as prime and easy targets.

Don’t flaunt money

Criminals will observe you and judge how much money you might have and choose a target accordingly. Dressing ostentatiously, carrying a high-end purse or even holding the latest Apple iPhone might attract wrong criminal attention. Even when you are withdrawing money from an ATM always look around to make sure people are not suspiciously walking around. Avoid withdrawing from ATMs where the area is dark and the streets are empty.

Even if you are, don’t look lost

Criminals are opportunists and they take the sight of people who are lost as vulnerable and may hence decide upon you as an easy target. Before leaving home for a trip always carry a map and set the GPS co-ordinates in your mobile phone and avoid asking around unless and until it is very necessary.

Don’t be distracted, remain alert

If you are distracted and unaware of your surrounding you become a relatively easier target for a criminal as you won’t be seeing the threat coming until it is too late and you have been attacked. Avoid texting of being on call as you walk on less crowded streets, especially after its dark, because if you are distracted by your mobile you will not be alert enough to spot an incoming threat or even if you are being followed.

Avoid the dark

Criminals reply on darkness of the night to cover their faces and hide the heinous crimes they commit. After hours, when it is dark always keep your home and surrounding property well lit. Use motion sensing lights to help instantly detect anyone lurking in the shadows. Park as close to your destination as possible or close to the street and also makes sure the area is decently lit with street lights.

Always try and look like you can defend yourself

This means that you shouldn’t have things hindering your ability to defend yourself in case your life is under imminent danger for instance, if your both your hands are occupied by holding shopping bags or any number of things that anyone could be holding, this make you look like someone who cannot immediately defend himself or herself hence a easy target for a criminals. Girls should avoid trying to wear heels as that hinders their ability to run which is both essential to catch a fleeing criminal or to run and hide to safety yourself away from a criminals.

Try to be less predictable

In times like today, people have fixed routines they adhere to like going to gym from office and on the way home taking the late train from the station A to station B and purchasing a coffee from the cart outside and walking home. Criminals who are a little smarter wait and observe patterns they notice these routines of people and once a person know where you are going to be at what time and doing what, if someone can predict your moves like this that gives him a major advantage in attacking you and causing harm.

Be careful, before helping a stranger.

Criminals also find good Samaritans to be easy targets as people who step out of their way or vehicles to help a stranger or a girl who look to be in need of help with her vehicle are putting themselves in danger without generally realizing it. Because the criminals use a rouse it grants them the element of surprise thereby giving them the upper hand.

Criminals tend to target houses that look unoccupied or that look like they are occupied by either children or by elderly people, all easy targets. If you can install lights in your house that you can time form your phone to make your house look like its occupied when you and your family are out on vacation then you can make the criminals believe people are at home and not look like an easy target for a burglary.