10 Best Anti Theft Backpacks in 2020 : Reviews and Buyers Guide

People travel across the globe for different purposes such as work, leisure, to explore the world, to have fun. But no one leaves their house with the thought of losing their belongings in the middle of the trip. Losing your belongings while you travel will not only spoil the fun but it will also add to a lot of inconveniences and may put you in potential danger. We are living in times where both thieves and methods of stealing have become technologically advanced and sophisticated. Having equally advanced and sophisticated ways of protecting your things while you explore the world around you has become a need of the hour. Antitheft Backpacks are one of the best ways to protect your valuables in public places, in metros or any other place you go with your backpack at your back.    

Do you need an antitheft backpack while traveling?

Antitheft backpacks are similar to regular backpacks in looks and functionality. They have certain additional features that make them theft-proof to a certain extent. The most valuable asset of the thief is the shortest possible time in which he or she can execute the plan of stealing. Antitheft backpacks snatch that asset from the thief and give it to you. It is quite difficult to break into an antitheft backpack and that cuts the thief from quick stealing and buys you more time to protect your belongings. Since straps or slash of such backpacks cannot be cut easily and the zipper is fairly secured too, a thief cannot easily lay his or her hands on your valuables. Though it is important to note that in the end, it is you who needs to be vigilant and protect your belongings while you travel. Owning an antitheft backpack will not hundred percent guarantee against any mishappening.

How to buy the best antitheft backpack? Buyers guide

Unlike regular backpacks, antitheft backpacks have certain features that make it an ideal choice to keep your belongings safe while traveling. Some of the functions which are important to look for while buying antitheft backpacks have been discussed below.

Hidden zippers and secret pockets

Antitheft backpacks usually have seamless zippers. Unlike regular backpacks, zippers of antitheft backpacks are not visible from the front and it takes time to locate the zipper and eventually open them. Apart from that it also has secret pockets to keep the valuables such as credit card, cash, any jewelry item, or any other valuable you are traveling with. These secret pockets are seamless, could be present in any portion of the bag, and are impossible to locate unless you own the bag. YKK zippers are the best quality zippers that are sturdy, do not jam, and cannot be punctured. Most trusted brands manufacturing antitheft backpacks use YKK zippers in it.


Since you will have to carry the backpack on your back, the comfort of the bag is an important factor to be considered. With various safety features in the bag, it may weigh heavier and cause you discomfort. It is advisable to look for an antitheft backpack that has wide padded straps. These straps will evenly distribute the weight and will be easier to carry. In case you are choosing a big antitheft backpack, then go for a backpack that offers lumbar support too. Things like a waist belt and sternum belt will not only balance the load but also take the pressure off from your lower back.


Another important feature in an antitheft backpack is its lock. Most antitheft backpacks come with lockable zippers. Putting a combination lock in those zippers is the best thing you can do. Many people also prefer bags with interlocking or kissing zippers. Zippers used in antitheft backpacks are puncture resistant and cannot be opened by most technically advanced and experienced thieves. Putting a lock in the backpack may add to your time of opening the backpack but it is the best thing you can do to keep your belongings safe. 


Size of the antitheft backpack is an important feature to be considered while buying it. You get antitheft backpacks of size as small as 5 liters to as big as 45 liters. Depending on the things you wish to carry while traveling, you can select a backpack as per your requirement and convenience. In a 45 liter backpack, you can easily carry your laptop, camera, books, 5 to 6 sets of clothing, toiletries along with water bottles, and some food.

Anti slash fabric

Anti slash fabric is one of the coolest features you get in antitheft backpacks. Since slash is one of the most common ways of stealing and can be done in a fraction of seconds without you even realizing it, anti-slash material of antitheft backpacks gives you protection against it. Such backpacks are made of lightweight but cut-proof material. Some backpacks even have steel mesh beneath the fabric. These steel meshes cannot be cut even by using the sharpest of Swiss knives. Such backpacks are a little expensive over other backpacks available in the market.

Foam protection

Another feature to look for in an antitheft backpack is foam protection. These days nobody travels without a laptop, iPad, or a sophisticated digital camera, it is advisable to look for a foam protected backpack to protect your devices. In such backpacks, foam is sewn beneath the fabric in each compartment. This foam acts as padding and protects your electronic devices from sudden jerks and bounces.

RFID protection

Since data theft has become one of the most common and organized crime sectors, it is very important to protect all your radio frequency sensitive documents from such robbery. RFID protection in backpacks has become a need of the hour. Such backpacks usually have aluminum, copper, or nickel shield which blocks or repels any kind of radio frequency coming near your backpack to steal your information or identity from your credit cards, passport, driving license, or other such chip activated documents. RFID protected backpacks are quite expensive and if you do not have much budget to spare, you can even buy an RFID wallet and keep it inside the backpack while you travel.

Inbuilt USB charging port

An inbuilt USB port is not an antitheft feature but it will add to the convenience of frequent travelers. It lets you charge the battery of your phone without even opening your bag while you are at a go. Though not all antitheft bag has this feature and you need to check the product description to buy one with a USB port. You should have a power bank to use the bags with a USB charging port.     

Fabric Material

The fabric material of the antitheft backpack has to be sturdy, durable, and water-resistant. Nylon, polyester, PU leather, and PVC fabric are some common choices for fabric material of antitheft backpack. Many nylon backpacks are often coated with PVC material to make it stronger, water-resistant, tear-resistant, and flame resistant. If you happen to sweat a lot or are going to a warm country then the breathability of the fabric is also an important factor to be considered.

Lockable pullers

Pullers that can be locked using a combination lock or interlocking feature adds a double layer of security to the backpack. Lockable puller in the main compartment is an important feature to check out if you are looking forward to added security for your valuables. A thief will need to pass through two levels of security to reach your valuables.


Water-resistance is an important feature. Your electronics and other documents are always at the potential danger of getting wet due to rain, snow, or even accidental spillage of a beverage. Most antitheft backpacks are water-resistant. They protect your valuable from any kind of damage due to any liquid. Backpacks used for trekking and hiking also have traps to protect the valuables in any weather.

Less number of pockets

You will be amazed but a fewer number of pockets is also a safety feature in the backpack. Antitheft backpacks do not have pockets at the top, so the thieves come, scan the bag from a distance, do not find any pocket, and leave. Depending on the number of things you want to carry and the kind of arrangement you want, you can select the number and size of pockets in your bag.

Lockdown shoulder strap

The lockdown shoulder strap is a super useful feature. It lets you lock your bag to a pole or some other object. This feature is especially useful when you are at an airport and want to use the restroom. You can lock your backpack and do the needful peacefully 

10 Best Antitheft Backpack in 2020 Reviews

Oscaurt anti-theft travel backpack 

If you are looking for a large antitheft backpack in which you can conveniently carry your belongings then the Oscaurt antitheft travel backpack is a great choice. Dimensions of the bag are 11.02 * 4.92 * 16.93 inches. it can easily store 15.6 inches laptop. It also has smaller compartments for keeping things like pen, notepad and other titbits. An additional hidden outer compartment is ideal to store the things which you need to access daily.  

EVA material of the backpack is sturdy and durable. It does not collapse on being empty and no one guesses the number of items you have stored in the backpack. You can easily store things weighing up to 25 kg in it without the fear of any wear and tear. Padded shoulder straps prevent exertion and strain on the shoulders. One unique feature of Oscaurt antitheft travel backpack is reflective material in the front which enhances night visibility. 

Apart from that material of this backpack cannot be slashed by knife and rip opened. Though it is large but is light in weight and it weighs only 2.3 kg. it will not exert any pressure on your back and lumbar region even if you pack it up to its optimum capacity

eBags Professional slim laptop Bag

This antitheft laptop bag has a sleek and compact design. You can easily accommodate a 17 inch laptop along with other titbits in it. Fleece-lined padded sleeves offer optimum protection to your laptop, tablet, or other electronic devices. It has ample storage space. You can keep quite a lot of stuff in one large compartment, side sleeve to keep your water bottle, and a front pocket to keep your frequently used things. 

High-quality zippers of the bag are sturdy, made of good quality metal, and are puncture-resistant. They are visible from outside. The bag also offers optimum comfort to the user. It weighs around 3.31 Kg and the shoulder straps are padded for additional comfort. 

You can use the horizontally as a briefcase by its side handle. It is a water-resistant antitheft backpack. Even if it gets wet, it dries up with an hour. It is a great choice for a travel backpack. 

Pacsafe Metrosafe LS350

Metrosafe LS350 is one of the most efficient antitheft backpacks from reliable luggage brand Pacsafe. The capacity of this backpack is 15 liters. It is made of sturdy and durable nylon full dull Hitra with a mix of polyester. This material is not only sturdy and durable but it is also light in weight, smooth in texture, water-resistant, and easy to clean.

Steel mesh beneath the fabric makes the backpack slash-proof and cannot be cut open by the thief. 

This lightweight backpack weighs around 1.5kg but have ample space to carry all you’re belonging. It has two large compartments to store your things. One of the compartments is padded with foam and is ideal for storing a laptop. The bottom of the compartment is also foam padded to offer all-round protection to your laptop. External zippers of the laptop are sturdy, jam-free, and inter lockable.

It also has a hidden front compartment to store items of frequent access. You can keep up to 500 ml water bottles in the side pockets of the laptop.


Hanke antitheft backpack is a quite affordable and travel-friendly backpack. Hanke antitheft backpack is made of polyester mix material It is water-resistant and keep your belongings safe from rain and accidental spillage. The material of the backpack is smooth and easy to clean. Polyester mix material is durable, sturdy, gives the backpack a classy look, and also comes with a warranty. 

Sturdy and durable metal zippers of the backpack are concealed. The main compartment of the backpack is padded and is ideal to carry the electronic devices. Other smaller pockets in the backpack can easily store your pen, notepads, card, power bank etc, in it.

It also has an inbuilt USB charger to connect with your power bank and charge your electronic devices while at a go.

Pincnel Women backpack waterproof nylon antitheft Rucksack

It is purely a woman backpack mainly because of its yin styling which makes it appear like a purse. It is made of PU leather which is sturdy, durable smooth, and collapse when empty. The interior fabric of the backpack is nylon which makes the backpack water-resistant.

It has sturdy, durable, and jam-free zippers at the back of the bag. These zippers are difficult to identify from outside.

Dimensions of the backpack are 12.9 * 5.9 * 13.8 inches. it has two small exterior compartments to store things like water bottle and umbrella. It also has a large interior compartment. Two hidden pockets let you store your valuables safely. This 1.3lbs lightweight backpack is apt for usage at a day outing. 

Padded adjustable shoulder straps put minimal strain on your shoulder while you carry your things around. Additional sling strap lets you change the style when you are carrying a few things in the bag. It cannot accommodate laptops larger than 9.7 inches. It is available in a plethora of colors and is waterproof.

Tzowla travel laptop backpack

Tzowla is a travel-friendly antitheft backpack. The material of the backpack is sturdy, durable, slash-proof, and does not collapse when empty. Dimensions of the bag are 19.29 * 11.8 *5.43 inches. You can easily carry 15.6 inches laptop in along with your other belongings. It has five outer compartments to keep your frequently accessed stuff. It also has smaller pockets to keep things like the card, pen, keys, and power bank. 

It has an inbuilt USB port to charge your electronics with a power bank. It also has an inbuilt headphone port to enjoy your favorite music while traveling. 

It has durable metal zippers which can be further secured using a password lock. 

Travelon Backpack

Travelon Backpack is specifically designed to resist robbery and offer you extra time to save your belongings. It has a sleek and stylish design apt for use by both men and women.  

The major exterior zipper of the backpack is lockable. You can easily keep your frequently used essentials inside it. It also has small zipper pockets to store things like pen, notepad, small mirror, calculator, and other such stuff.

It has two interior main compartment. One of the compartments is padded to store your electronic devices such as laptops and tablets. While another compartment is RFID protected to store your RFID sensitive documents like credit card, office access card, driving license, and passport.

Zippers used in the backpack are sturdy, jam-free, and lockable. It also has a steel mesh beneath the fabric to prevent slashing.

Korin Design Click Pack

Korin Design Click pack is an award-winning laptop bag. It has been accoladed with Good Design award 2017 and iF Design award 2021 for its stylish and aesthetically appealing design. 

It has been made by a unique blend of polyester polythene, industrial polyester silk, and military-grade glass fiber. It is a highly durable and sturdy combination that can resist all kinds of slashes and cuts. 

Metal zippers of the bag is of high quality and are sturdy. They can be secured using a TSA lock or a metal wire lock. It has five compartments to carry all your belongings. 

Though the material of the backpack is not water-resistant, you get a rain cover with it to protect your backpack from water. 

Travel Laptop bag by Matein

Travel laptop bag by Matein is one of the best travel bags on the list. It has ample space to carry everything that you may need to carry while traveling. It has a large storage compartment to store 15.6 inches laptop along with some books and few clothes. It has smaller compartments to store other titbits you may need while at the go. It also has a side pocket to keep a water bottle and an exterior pocket to keep frequently accessed essentials. The material of the backpack is sturdy and does not collapse even when empty. It is quite difficult to judge what exactly is filled inside the backpack.

Though the zippers of the backpack are not hidden, still they are strong enough to give a hard time to any unauthorized person trying to cut it open or puncture it. It also has an inbuilt USB charger to charge your electronics while at the go.

The material of the backpack is sturdy and durable. It has a waterproof lining to keep your things dry even when it rains. It also has a ventilated multilayer padding for optimum protection of your belongings. You can easily carry up to 20 pounds in this backpack.

Kopack slim woman laptop backpack

Kopack slim woman laptop has a slim, sleek, and elegant design. Dimensions of the backpack are 11.8 * 4.3 * 17.7 inches. you can easily carry 15.6 inches laptop inside it. The laptop compartment of the bag is padded to protect the laptop or the tablet. It is separated from other compartments for easy access to the laptop. You can also lock the laptop compartment using the hidden lock and ensure the optimum safety of the laptop. You can keep your pen, journals, books, clothes, card, wallet and other things in another compartment of the bag. It also has an outer pocket with concealed zipper to store frequently accessed things. 

It has an inuilt USB port with an inner cable to charge your electronic devices while you are at a go. The zipper of the backpack is anti-puncture, durable, sturdy, and can be locked using a combination lock. 

The material of this antitheft backpack is tear resistant, water resistant, and easy to clean. The breathable material of the backpack adds to the convenience of use.    


Bags are a must-have for a person of any age and gender. Since it is important for almost every person, then why not invest in a bag that has high storage capacity, is comfortable in use, and at the same time, it is theft-proof. Though antitheft backpacks do not offer a hundred percent protection against stealing, it reduces the chance of your stuff getting stolen. It buys you more time and robs the thief of its time which is his or her major asset for burglary. Lockable sturdy and puncture-resistant hidden zippers, steel mesh to prevent slashing, waterproof material to keep your things dry, etc. are certain features worth your investment. Depending on your requirements and budget you can select the size, number of compartments, antitheft features, and other available features in the backpack