Best Safety Locks for Apartment Doors : Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

The safety of the house or the apartment is one of the major concerns for any house owner. Especially in the apartments where keeping private security personnel is neither financially feasible nor practically possible. The best way to safeguard your apartment is to invest in reliable door locks that cannot be broken and are elegant to look at.  

We have come up with an elaborate buyer’s guide to select the apt door lock for your apartment

Factors to be considered while selecting the door lock

  1. Method of unlocking. The first and foremost factor to be considered while selecting the lock is the method of unlocking it. Based on the method of unlocking, three types of residential lock systems are available in the market. First is traditional key locks, second is locks with numeric codes and the third is fingerprint. If we talk about budget, key locks are the cheapest but if you have many people who will access that lock then it will become quite difficult to manage. Fingerprint locks are one of the most convenient lock systems in terms of multiple access, but they are quite expensive. Numeric code locks lie between the two both in terms of price and convenience.    
  2. The built quality of the lock. The built quality of the lock is an important factor in terms of security. Since burglar will attempt to break the lock after a failed attempt of hacking it, it is important to pay attention to the metal of the lock, its thickness, and overall built of the lock. If possible check the amount of pressure that the lock can withstand. If not, at least check the sturdiness of the metal with which it is built and the overall thickness of the lock. It will give you a fair idea about the ease with which it can be broken.
  3. Compatibility with the door. Investing in a lock that is not compatible with your door is a waste of time and money. It is important to look for a lock compatible with the thickness of your door. Most high-quality apartment locks are compatible with doors of width 30-60mm. In case of slight variation, the thickness of the door can be adjusted according to the lock.     

Tips for efficient usage of apartment door and lock

  • In case you are buying only key locks, don’t forget to make multiple key sets for use in case of an emergency.
  • If your lock supports multiple access like key, fingerprint, card, then each user should be provided with the access.
  • To ensure complete protection use high-quality hinges on the door and deadbolts that usually come with the locks only. 
  • For high aesthetic appeal, make sure the color of the lock system matches the color of the door. 
  • It is important to measure the thickness of the door in millimeters to find the most compatible lock for the door. 
  • Read the warranty policy of the lock carefully and don’t forget to use it when needed. 

Best safety locks for apartment doors

Schlage FE595VCAM619ACC Camelot Keypad Entry

Schlage FE595VCAM619ACC Camelot Keypad Entry is a three in one package of easy usability, sturdy protection, and classy look. This satin nickel door lock will add to the aesthetic value of your door. There are a lever handle, keypad, and keyhole at the outside of the lock and an internal flex lock knob to lock the door from inside. It also has a simpler version of the door lock without a flex lock knob.    

Multilayer protection and tough built of Schlage FE595VCAM619ACC Camelot Keypad Entry offer top-notch security to your home, office, or any other utility room. 

It is a manual lock. You can set two user codes to grant access through the door. It is an apt lock for small families with less number of people accessing through the door. People can also use the key instead of the numeric code to unlock the door.    


  • The metal structure of the lock is sturdy, durable, and unbreakable.
  • Both keys and passwords can be used as unlocking measures. 
  • Comes with the option of either flex lock or automatic lock. 
  • Compatible with doors of width 1 3/8 inches to 1 ¾ inch. 
  • Can be used in both right and left-handed doors with the reversible lever.
  • It is easy to set and use. No complex programming required. 


  • Not suitable for large families as only two user codes can be set in it

Dynasty Hardware CP-HER-12P

Dynasty Hardware CP-HER-12P is a vintage-looking lock system completely complimenting the vintage interior and exterior of your house. It is a key lock offering top-notch security to your apartment. Overall you get four levers and deadbolts to e installed from both inside and outside. It is easy to install, a lock system that you can either install yourself or with the help of a locksmith. It has a reversible door handle making the lock compatible with both right-handed and left-handed doors. The lock system of Dynasty Hardware CP-HER-12P is called Schlage and the C-keyway used to open this lock can be used in other Schlage locks too. 


  • The package involves everything from handles to a lever to deadbolts.
  • Oil rubbed bronze finish looks vintage. 
  • 2 Pack solution of the lock system can be installed both inside and outside. 
  • Door handles compatible with both left-handed and right-handed locks.
  • C-keyway and Schlage locks. 


  • C-Keyway which can be used for other Schlage locks might not be everyone’s first preference. 

Rulart Fingerprint Electric Smart Door Lock

Bio-metric identification is the USP of Rulart Fingerprint Electric Smart Door Lock. It is one of the most high-tech lock systems that are both reliable and elegant. It uses fingerprint technology to unlock the door and grant you access. Dual-mode i.e. locking-mode and channel-mode further adds to the usability of the lock. It is compatible with door widths ranging from 35mm to 55mm. You don’t need a locksmith or drilling and hammering to install the lock. You can easily do it all by yourself. Its sleek and slim black design is elegant and aesthetically appealing. It is one of the best locks you can get both for your home and office doors.  


  • Uses bio-metric identification i.e. finger-print identification to unlock the door.
  • Comes with both a lock-mode and channel model.
  • It has an adjustable deadbolt.
  • Compatible with 35-55 mm door width.
  • Easy DIY installation.
  • Additional USB charging port.
  • Quite advanced and sophisticated as compared to typical single latch locks. 


  • It does not have the provision of a key set for emergencies

Berlin Modisch Entrance Lever Door Handle

Berlin Modisch Entrance Lever Door Handle is the perfect blend for both lever door handle and a lock system. You don’t need to purchase the two separately is you are buying this lock system. The handle of the lock is reversible and can be used for both left-handed and right-handed doors. Oil rubbed bronze finish of the lock gives it a vintage look. Though it does not have deadbolts for the lever handle, you can get that too in another version of the same product. It is a key lock system. You get the key along with the lock and no additional installation is required to activate the key. Inside it is a simple thumb turn interior knob. 


  • It is a combo of door handle and lock.
  • It uses a key system that is affordable and convenient. 
  • Lever handles are reversible and compatible with both right-handed and left-handed doors. 
  • Oil rubbed bronze finish increases its aesthetic value.
  • Easy installation with the help of adjustable brackets. 


  • Traditional lock with no electric or automatic feature. 

Defender Security U 10827 Door Reinforcement Lock

If you are looking for a lock that is reliable but also affordable then Defender Security U 10827 Door Reinforcement Lock is the lock for you. It is a sturdy lock that can withstand the force of up to 800Lbs. It offers top notch security to any swing-in door of any thickness. It has a sturdy spring-loaded design that is safe for children and cannot be tampered easily. Satin finish nickel body of the lock is tough and looks elegant. It also has 3 inches stop. You can easily install the lock without any locksmith. The lock is available in three color choices and you can select the one which suits your door the most.  


  • Satin nickel body of the lock is tough and elegant.
  • It can withstand the force up to 800Lbs
  • It is safe for children and resistant to any kind of tampering.
  • It is compatible with doors of any thickness.
  • It has color options available.
  • It is quite affordable.


  • You will need a drill to install the lock.

Kwikset SmartCode 955 Keypad Electronic Lever Door Lock

Kwikset SmartCode 955 Keypad Electronic Lever Door Lock is one of the most promising door locks on the list. It offers top-notch security to your apartment. It has an electric keypad over it and uses numeric passcode to unlock the door. Kwikset SmartCode 955 Keypad Electronic Lever Door Lock is a three lock mode model offering a plethora of options such as auto-lock code mode, passage deadbolt unlocking mode, and the disable passage mode. You can create as many as 30 numeric user codes. It is perfect for use in offices where a large number of people need to access through the door. High-quality batteries that come with the lock have a lifespan of 3 years without a single recharge. It has a robust design that can withstand large force. 


  • It has three usage modes solving multiple usability purposes.
  • You can create 30 numeric user codes.
  • The design of the lock is robust, elegant, and have four design options to choose from.
  • Lifespan of the batteryis 3 years.
  • Quite affordable as compared to models with similar features.


  • You will need to call a locksmith to install it


Selecting a door lock for your apartment or your office is a critical process. There are a plethora of door locks available in the market but you need to keep factors like budget, level of security, and the number of users in mind before selecting the lock. Door locks should not only offer you peace of mind but should also increase the aesthetic value of your door. We have included door locks of varied technology and price range on our list. You can select the door lock which suits your door and budget the best.