Best RFID blocking wallets in 2020 – Reviews and Buyers Guide

Identity theft has become one of the major problems faced in the modern world of digitisation and cashless economies. Criminals are getting quite crafty in their job. They have all the modern sophisticated means to steal your identity and vital information without even touching you or your valuable possessions such as credit card and passport.

All they need is small device on which they can easily lay hands via e-bay, through which they can steal your credit card details and passport details by being in certain proximity with you. They will just cross you in the market and all your information will be available to them in fraction of seconds. And with your personal information at their disposal, making fake identity cards is a child’s play for such professional thieves. 

In order to protect your identity as well as your money from such predators, it is very important to protect vital documents from radio frequency identification (RFID) skimming. And this can be done with the help of RFID wallets. RFID wallets are lined with certain material which repels signals thrown at you in order to steal your information. RFID wallets is a very good way of protecting your money as well as your identity from all the anti-social elements around you

Best RFID blocking wallets in 2020

Bellroy note sleeve with RFID protection

Bellroy note sleeve is a classy bi fold RFID wallet. This sleek wallet is well equipped with RFID skimming protection to protect vital information of your cards and passport from various notorious elements in desperate search of data. The wallet has multiple slots to keep your various cards. It has a separate compartment to keep cash and another compartment where you can keep other papers or tit-bits. It also has a separate ID window as well as a picture sleeve. This high quality wallets is a sure fire way of protecting your identity as well as your money. Price of Bellroy note slim wallet with RFID protection is 90$ but it is worth every penny spent over it

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Buffway Slim Minimalist front Pocket RFID blocking wallet

Buffway Slim Minimalist front Pocket RFID blocking wallet is a unisex luxury leather wallet. This classy wallet can be easily used both by men and women. This wallet is sleek and small in size but falls nowhere short in features. It has some of the most amazing features which has fetched this wallet a place in the list of best wallets. 

This wallet can easily block radio frequency of 13-14 MHZ, though it is not capable of blocking low frequency of 124 KHZ which is usually used in key cards of hotel rooms and office access cards. 

If you happen to travel a lot, then this sleek, light weight and small wallet which can easily be slipped inside and out of your pocket will be of great help. Apart from being sleek, classy and trendy, it is a sturdy and durable wallet which will give you worth of money spent over it for years to come. 

Wallet is made of pure genuine leather and it will surely be a luxurious possession in your luxury goods collection. 

ROCO slim money clip

ROCO has brought one of the most elegant and classy money clip RFID wallet to securely keep your information and money inside it. It has ample space arrangement to keep all your cards and cash while aluminium walls of the wallet secure your information to be skimmed by the data thieves. Wallet can conveniently store up to 20 cards and 20 bills without any fear of wear and tear. Elegant design of the wallet looks classy when teamed with formal work attire on week days and equally trendy when you team it up with your casual clothing on weekends. It is a RFID wallet worthy of every penny spent over it

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The Bondi

The Bondi is a perfect blend of efficient security, ample space and trendy look. Metallic texture and colour variants makes it one of the trendiest RFID wallet with high youth appeal. Wallet has sufficient space to accommodate all the things you wish to keep inside it. It can hold up to 12 cards and few cash bills in its attachable cash clip. Icing on the cake is life time warranty that you get against any manufacturing defect in the wallet. This metal wallet is perfect for regular usage and also for the times when you wish to have a special feel and experience.

The Ridge Wallet Authentic

The Ridge Wallet Authentic is the perfect answer to all the notorious elements looking for your personal data to be hacked from your debit card, credit card, office access card, and passport and driving license. The ridge wallet are sturdy, durable and designed to function efficiently as long as you use them and do not replace with a new one. It will give absolute protection to your money as well as information from all the data thieves lurking in public. It has a strong metal body to safely secure all your credit cards and other RFID detectable documents. It does not give away any information no matter how strong the radio frequency of intruder is.

6061-T6 aluminium anodized gunmetal with elastic interchangeable screws exponentially increases the security and durability of the wallet. You can store up to 12 cards in it. You can easily insert and eject the cards inside the wallet with the help of notch outside the wallet. Integrated money clip lets you store some cash along with the cards.

Fossil Derek RFID leather Bi fold Wallet

Genuine leather wallets have always been a symbol of style and class for men. Seldom have they known that their super expensive pure leather wallets cannot offer them security against the data thieves. Fossil Derek RFID leather Bi fold Wallet is not only a luxury wallet made of genuine leather but also store all your data information securely inside it. RFID lining stitched inside it efficiently repel radio frequencies emitted towards you to steal the information from your debit cards, credit cards, passport, driving license and office access card. This wallet has eight card slot, ID window with a cut off, separate cash slot to keep cash and a separate side slot to keep extra cards or other papers you wish to keep inside the wallet. 

The Ridge Slim

The Ridge Slim is a perfect clip wallet to keep you cards and cash organised. You can conveniently store up to 12 cards without fear of stretching the wallet. Money clip present inside the wallet lets you arrange your bills systematically. Additional cash strap gives you space to store your loose cash and stay organised with your cards, bills and loose cash. Scratches on the metal case over long use can create a problem with the aesthetics of the wallet. 

Bryker Hyde 2ID Window RFID Wallet for Men

Bryker Hyde 2ID Window RFID Wallet for Men is the perfect antidote to RFID skimmers waiting for you in public places or at the terminal where you do transaction electronically. With all you RFID sensitive documents secured inside it, you will not need to worry about identity or data theft. It is built with latest technology to block varied range of radio frequencies ranging from 125KHZ, 10 MHZ to 3000 MHZ. it will protect all your RFID sensitive documents ranging from your hotel key card to your credit card and passport from digital pirates lurking around. 

Pebble leather of Bryker Hyde 2ID Window RFID Wallet for Men is sturdy, tough, soft and lasts long. It has nine card slots with two extra slots behind the wallet. Its sleek design makes it easy to slip in and out of the pocket and also makes it a travel friendly wallet. 100 percent money back guarantee over the wallet is definitely cherry on the top

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Alpine Swiss Men’s RFID blocking Leather Bi Fold Wallet

Alpine Swiss Men’s RFID blocking Leather Bi Fold Wallet is the perfect selection if you want to use RFID blocking wallet without making it obvious to the eyes of people around you. It is made up of good quality leather which is sturdy, durable and lasts long. Sleek design of the wallet makes it easy to slip in and out of your short pocket. It is a bi fold wallet comfortably storing your cards and cash bills. RFID blocking lining is stitched inside the wallets sleeves to protect your RFID sensitive documents from the eyes of the hackers and data thieves. Wallet also has an ID pocket, picture sleeves, 8 card slots to systematically arrange your cards along with separate compartment to keep your cash and a side pocket to keep other important papers

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HuMn Slim Wallet

If you are someone who is against leather wallets due to animal cruelty, the HuMn slim wallet is the wallet for you. It is made of cruelty free, high quality synthetic material. Basically a synthetic material made without using any kind of animal product or animal bi product holds together two aluminium plated which blocks RFID from entering your wallet. Sleek and stylish design of the wallet makes it look classy as well as travel friendly. With plethora of colour choices from matte black to mint green available, you will surely find a colour that compliments your personal style and your everyday clothing. This metal wallet has ample space to systematically organise all your cards and cash

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Dash Co. 4.0

Dash Co. 4.0 is an extremely sleek and classy wallet. It is actually thinner than an iphone 6 which makes it an extremely travel friendly RFID wallet. Dash Co. 4.0 is an extremely versatile RFID wallet available in plethora of fabrics and designs. It is made of thin Saffiano leather canvas which is both sturdy and durable. So when you buy this wallet for yourself, you will surely find one which suits your personal style. Since the wallet is quite sleek it can easily slip into both front and back pocket. Single piece design of the wallet makes it quite easy and convenient to pull out or put back card or cash. It also has a built in preview window for easy access to cards used frequently such as office access cards, metro card or even credit card. Three compartments in the wallet create ample space for your cards, cash as well as other papers you wish to keep inside your wallet. The wallet can easily block RFID skimmers operating at a frequency of 13.5 MHz.  it is the frequency at which your credit cards usually respond

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How to buy an RFID Blocking Wallet :Detailed Buyers Guide

Are RFID wallets really important?

Being said that identity and data theft is one of the major dangers in modern world, we cannot deny the importance of RFID wallet. RFID skimming devices are easily available on online stores at cost as low as 100$. This means anybody can steal your vital information in fraction of seconds without even coming close to you. You definitely cannot take that big a risk especially with your money and your identity.

Some people may give an argument that credit card companies take extra precautions to authenticate any transaction taking place via credit card. They give a 3 digit code at the back of the card, apart from that they also make sure that password like your birthdate or your middle name is used, or one time password released by the bank is used before authentication of any transaction. It will be interesting to note that all this information can easily be skimmed using RFID skimming devices. 

Others argue that less than 5 percent RFID credit cards are in circulation across the globe. RFID skimmers cannot pose a big threat to your money in the bank. But it is important to understand that it is not just about credit cards. What if your work access card works on radio frequency technology? Giving your work access information in wrong hands cannot only jeopardise your work but also the future of your company. At work data security should be your major concern as you cannot take risk with your company data. Apart from that such thieves can also steal vital information from your passport and create duplicate passport using the information. 

RFID wallet adds an extra layer of protection to your already protected credit card or passport. There is no harm in extra protection especially when you are protecting your identity or your money. 

Benefits of RFID wallet

Best way to explain the benefit of RFID wallet is protect yourself before an identity thief strikes you. Don’t think much as the thief will not think before striking.

RFID readers mimic same kind of radio frequency as emitted during transaction using the credit card. Only difference is that when you are using the credit card, you are in control of the transaction and you are submitting your information wilfully at the terminal or vendor who is trustworthy. In case of identification theft, thief will steal all the information present on the card without you even knowing about it. Same is the case with key cards using RFID technology at a hotel, office or at a data storage centre. Many people steal this data and sell it to notorious elements for global social and economic destruction. 

RFID lining adds an extra layer of protection to your wallet and keeps you safe in uncertain world and data and identity theft. Attractive designing, real leather, ample storage, extra pockets for coins, cash, cards and other stuff are additional benefits offered by latest RFID wallets. 

Factors to be considered while buying an RFID wallet

Form of the wallet 

With growing technology, plethora of RFID wallets are available in the market. Depending on your budget and requirement, you can select a wallet ranging from clip, bi fold, trifold, credit card holder, wallet, phone wallet, sleeves and so on. 

Clip is a wallet which mainly focuses on accessibility and organisation. It has ample space to keep your cash while your credit cards are tucked safely in the card holders. In case you cards outnumber the number of slots provided for keeping the card, you will have to keep it with the cash where they will be left vulnerable to RFID skimming. It is better to buy a clip RFID wallet which has more card slots than the number of cards you own. 

Credit card holder is a wallet for minimalist person who prefer keeping their wallet. Light. Unlike clip you can keep some cash in the wallet while few credit cards can be secured in the credit card holder. 

Bi fold RFID wallets are one of the most popular RFID wallets mainly because of their high utility and classic designs which never go out of fashion. In bi fold wallets RFID protection sleeves are sewn inside the fabric to ensure optimum safety of your cards. It is a wonderful option to add security to your money and data without appearing to use a technologically advanced wallet. It is a light weight, good looking and sleek RFID wallet. 

Trifold wallet is similar to Bi fold, only difference is that it is thicker and bulkier than bi fold. It is usually used by people who have more number of cards to keep inside the wallet and does not want to buy clip or credit card holder.

Passport Wallet is useful for people carrying passports in their wallet. It will be interesting to note that countries like USA have RFID chip on their passport storing vital information about the passport holder. Though such countries take adequate measures to protect the information, but burglars somehow find their way of stealing the information. Passport wallet are bigger in size and can easily store and protect the information stored in such passports. 

Phone wallet is 2 in 1 wallet encompassing of phone case and RFID wallet. With increased use of smart phones, designers have come up with creative designs of combined smart phone case and RFID wallet. This will protect both your phone as well as your cards and passport. Before buying any such multipurpose wallet make sure it has RFID protection and not just copy of such RFID wallet. Apart from that you shall also ensure that phone does not work erratically in proximity of RFID wallet. You should enquire about things like call drop, phone signal quality and battery backup. 

2 Storage! Another very important thing to look for while buying a RFID wallet is its storage. Your RFID wallet should be able to store all your belongings without getting torn at the seams due to over stuffing. 

Card holders is the first thing you should count while buying an RFID wallet. It is advisable to make a list of all the cards you possess before going out to buy a wallet. It may include you gym membership card, work access card, library card along with various debit and credit cards you possess. The wallet under consideration should have card slots more than the number of cards you own at present. This will create space for various cards you will acquire over the years. 

Picture sleeve is also an essential component of the wallet. Though in the times of smart phones, we have all our pictures stored in our phones. Still storing picture of special someone or of the family in the back flip of the wallet is invaluable. 

Coin pocket is a useful compartment for countries which use coins over bills for lower denominations. Coin pockets let you store the coins securely without worrying about clinging and falling of coins when stored in sleeves to keep the bills. 

ID window comes very handy when you need to show your identity card in order to get access to certain place or do shopping from a place where showing ID is compulsory. You can just flip the wallet and show your ID without making an effort of taking out your ID and showing it to the person in charge. ID window should have a cut out for easy removal of ID card for physical verification. 

3 Material of the wallet! Next point to be taken under consideration while buying a wallet is its material. Like regular wallet, RFID wallet are also available in plethora of material such as leather, aluminium, carbon fibre, canvas and EDC. 

Leather is one of the most popular and classic materials of RFID wallet. Such wallet never goes out of style and you seldom get tired using them over the years. RFID leather wallets are available in three qualities that is genuine leather, full grain leather and top grain leather. Genuine leather is a poor quality leather subjected to early signs of wear and tear. Full grain leather is high quality leather with rough and raw top surface. Top grain leather is also a high quality leather whose upper surface is sanded to become smooth and finished. 

Aluminium wallet is a priced possession for men who love versatility and like to carry things like bottle opener, screwdriver and other such things in their wallet. Aluminium efficiently blocks the RFID signals in order to prevent identity or data theft from the cards inside the wallet. Metal wallets also looks classy in high end business meetings. 

Carbon fibre RFID wallet will be an excellent choice if you are looking for light weight, sturdy and durable RFID wallet. Like aluminium, carbon fibre also blocks and repels the RFID signals effectively.

Canvas or other natural fibre RFID wallet is useful for those who do not support leather wallet made from animal skin. It is important to note that canvas or other natural fibre wallets do not repel the RFID signals and manufacturers stitch RFID repellent material inside the wallet sleeves in order to make it a RFID wallet. Such wallets do not look classy and credible in professional scenario where you can either use metal wallets or faux leather wallet. 

4 Brand of the Wallet! Brand of the wallet also plays an important role in selection of RFID wallet as it may define the efficiency, quality and level of security offered by the wallet. Though high end brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Tom Ford etc. do not have RFID wallet range, but you can get good RFID wallet in mid-tier brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Fossil and TUMI. You can get a good looking, classy and efficient RFID wallet within budget of 200$ and more. 

5 Lining! Different manufacturers use different lining material to make their wallet RFID proof. Some of the most common lining materials are lead, copper and nickel. Many designers are working hard to make RFID jeans for added layer of protection to the cards just by keeping regular wallet in the jeans. This model has not become feasible yet as smart phone when kept inside the jeans will not catch signal and their battery will drain in constant search of signal. So RFID wallets are one of the most feasible options to protect your cards and passport from notorious elements.

6 Price! Last but not the least is the price of the wallet. Like any consumer good, price will play an important role in selection of RFID wallet also. You can get a RFID wallet starting from 20$ to as high as 500$.It depends whether you buy the wallet from a local road vendor or from a hi-end fashion company. It will be interesting to note that you can good quality, durable and efficient RFID wallet in around 100$. If you want long lasting RFID wallet, which pays for it worth for years to come, invest in a top grain leather wallet manufactured by a reputed company.    

Nomenclature of RFID wallet

In last decade RFID wallets are extensively marketed mainly because of the fact that the danger of identity and data theft has increased a lot in these years. RFID wallets are available with many names such as:

  1. Magnetic protection
  2. RFID blocking wallet
  3. RFID blocking case
  4. RFID blocking device
  5. RFID blocking card
  6. RFID busting
  7. RFID proof
  8.  RFID scan blocker
  9. RFID signal blocker
  10. RFID shielding
  11. Tech Wallet
  12. Chip protection Wallet


RFID wallet is a wonderful means to give you peace of mind while you go with your RFID sensitive document in public. It not only protect you from identity and data theft but also helps you in organising your credit cards, debit cards, other RFID sensitive cards, cash, bills and your identity cards. Before selecting a RFID wallet you should make sure that it is made of good quality material, is sturdy and durable, have enough space to store you cards, cash and other important things you wish to keep inside the wallet, is sleek, trendy and travel friendly. The wallet should look equally appealing both with formal and casual outfits