Top 10 Emergency Whistles in 2020: Detailed Review

Imagine this, you’re camping in the forest with your friends at night and you go into the woods to attend the natures call. After getting done with your business you realize that you’re too deep into the forest and don’t know the way back to your campsite. What do you do? Your voice isn’t loud enough to be heard by your friends. Wouldn’t it be better if you had a tool that would make a loud noise and let your friends know about your whereabouts?

Well here’s where a whistle comes into the picture. It is important for you and your friends to carry an emergency whistle when you go outdoors. Yes, the kind of the whistle you used when you were a kid pretending to be a referee. A good survival whistle can help you in a lot of situations. Getting mugged in an alley? Use your whistle to alert nearby people and they will indefinitely come to your aid. Your voice isn’t always enough to call for help, you need a whistle on you for such situations.

Natural disasters are also a good example for the use of an emergency whistle. Rescue teams will be able to locate you if you’re stuck under rubble or stuck inside a burning house. A handy affordable whistle can go a long way to save your life in the times of crisis

Top Recommendations for Survival Whistles in 2020

The Emergency Zone 5 in 1 Survival Whistle

This survival whistle is a bright orange colored whistle which is easy to spot in chaotic scenarios. It has a loud sound and comes with a waterproof container which can be used to stash matches, fishing line hooks etc. The whistle is lightweight and can float on water if you accidentally drop it. It comes with a built-in compass, signal mirror, a lanyard to wear it around your neck, flint and matches. If you like the product you can buy it here

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Survive Outdoors Longer Slim Rescue Howler Whistle:

It is a slim durable loud whistle which emits a 100-decible sound which can be heard from a mile away. It is a pea-less whistle hence it will not jam or freeze when you use it making it accessible at all times

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UST Jet Scream Whistle:

This is the loudest whistle in the world which emits a 122-decibel sound. Its sound can go above all the random noises we encounter in our day to day life. It has a pea-less design hence it wont jam and its easy to spot due to its orange color. The only disadvantage is that to reach the 122-decibel sound you need to blow with a lot of force and most people can’t do that, though normally it can be heard from a very long distance

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Markwort Storm Safety Whistle:

It comes with a 19inch lanyard and it made up of thermoplastic hence it does not corrode very easily. It can be heard underwater and is larger than most whistles out there making it easier to grab. On land it can be heard from ½ a mile away and underwater its sound reaches to up to 50ft.

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Fox 40 Sonic Blast CMG:

This whistle emits a 120-decible sound and comes in a variety of colors. It is made up of ABS plastic which makes it really durable even in the toughest of conditions. It has a pea-less design which means it wont jam or freeze when you use it. It also comes with a breakaway lanyard.

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Acme Tornado 635 Pea-less Whistle:

Acme has 130 years of experience in the whistle industry and the tornado 635 pea-less whistle is one of the top whistles in the market. Made out of high quality plastic it is durable, tough and delivers a high-pitched sound which can cut through most crowds. It is ideal for outdoor activities and survival situations. Some of its cons include it not being loud enough for some people and it is difficult to alter the tone.

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Shoreline Marine Emergency Survival Whistle:

The Shoreline Marine emergency survival whistle comes in bright orange color which makes it easy to locate and its come with a lanyard which can be used to wear it around your neck. It is easy to carry and it works in both dry and wet conditions. It is slightly small for most hands and the metal ring tend to break sometimes.

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Rothco Storm Safety Whistle:

This survival whistle was built to last and it comes in bright yellow colors. It is a loud whistle which emits a 118-120 decibel sound and can be heard through glass, water and even walls. The whistle is known for its non-rust material and light weight. Its large size can be a problem for some. Because the whistle is this loud, earplugs are needed while using it.It is an ideal whistle for all your outdoor survival needs

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Vargo Titanium Emergency Whistle with Cord:

This is the toughest and the lightest whistle on this list. It is made of titanium which makes it very durable and will not break regardless of its age. It emits a 100-decibel sound. It is made in a pea-less design which lets it work without jamming or freezing. The cord it comes with lets you wear it around your neck and hence it is easy to find. The only con this whistle has is that the plastic part inside can fall of rendering this whistle useless

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Paracord Bracelet Survival Whistle

This one of a kind whistle is a part of a paracord bracelet which can be worn on a daily basis. This lets you have a whistle on you at all times. It also comes with a Firestarter It is loud and can be heard from a good distance even in the presence of a big loud crowd.

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What to Look for in a Survival Whistle?

  • Durable Material: The most important thing to look for in a whistle is its durability. You don’t want to have a broken whistle when you take a fall and are in dire need of rescue. Plastic is the most common material whistles are made up of, but there are various types of plastics so make sure you buy a whistle made of durable plastic.
  • Visible Color: The whistle needs to be in a bright shade which can be seen in the dark. A fluorescent whistle would be the easiest to spot in the dark so that would be my preferred color.
  • Loud: The main reason to carry a whistle is to be heard from a distance when your own voice can’t be heard. A survival whistle producing a sound between 90-120 decibel is the perfect choice as it can be heard above noises such as car horns, plus it is loud enough to scare away wild animals.
  • Reliable: What’s the point of a whistle if it doesn’t work when you need it? You don’t want a whistle that jams or freezes when you use it, for that you a pea-less whistle. A pea-less is a type of whistle which blows louder when you blow harder, so it is the best type of whistle for your survival needs.
  • Easy to Carry and Accessible: A whistle needs to be accessible so that you can use it in the face of crisis. Whistles with breakaway lanyards are the best which break away when pressure it applied to them, and they easily fit around your neck.

Uses of a Survival Whistle:

  • Its main use it to call for help during emergencies. In the need of help, blow your whistle 3 times which is the internationally recognized as a distress signal. This will let rescue find your location and bring you to safety.
  • When on hikes in the wilderness you may encounter various animals, which would attack you. You may not have fire or weapons to scare them away, so you can use a loud survival whistle which would scare them away.
  • A survival whistle can also be used to scare approaching criminals away. Nobody criminal would want to get close to you when you blow a loud whistle because that would grab a lot of attention

In Conclusion:

A survival whistle is very important when you go outdoors. It can save you in the direst of situations. Whistles being lightweight and small are easy to carry and very accessible. Make sure you test your whistle a few times before you take it in actual situations. Take a friend to a park filled with kids playing and make him stand on the other side of the park. Blow air into the whistle as hard as you can and ask your friend if he could hear you. If the answer is yes, it means you’ve got a hang on it and you’re ready to test it in the field. Make sure you blow as hard as you can during emergency situations, the louder the sound the more chances of help coming your way.

Though survival whistle is one of the most important things you should carry with you when you are going hiking or even travelling, you can make a whistle with things like metal can and a grass leaf. Watch the video to learn this skill