Best Taser and stun guns to buy for self defense in 2020

No matter whether you are living in a countryside, or you are a city dweller or you are someone who prefer low-key sub-urban lifestyle, safety and self-defence is something which is important for all. We all need something to defend ourselves from mischievous and anti-social elements hogging on the streets while we are coming back late night work or venture into unknown neighbourhood. In the present times we all are in need of something which is more powerful than pepper spray and less legally regulated and fatal than actual firearms. And best solution to all the above questions is Taser and stun guns.

Taser and stun guns are usually used by police force to subdue the criminal. But it is not a weapon limited to the police. Many states in United States of America have legalized the use of Taser and stun guns by the civilians for their self-defence. Though you have to fulfil some legal formalities and undergo a background check for acquiring a Taser and stun gun but you can definitely keep it for your self-defence in many states in U.S. 


What is a Taser gun?

Taser gun is an amazing electroshock weapon which can be used give an electric shock to other person. Basically Taser gun shoots probes which are spear headed in shape and are connected with the help of electric wire. These spear headed probes penetrate inside the clothing or skin of the opponent which in turn complete the electrical circuit and give an electric shock to the person. Electric shock by Taser gun is not fatal for any person and leaves the person immobile for at least a minute and give pain for much longer period of time. Taser gun can be shot from a distance of maximum 20 feet

What is a Stun gun?

Stun guns have prongs with an electrical arc between them. Major difference between a stun gun and a Taser gun is that unlike Taser gun, stun gun cannot be shot from a distance. Stun gun needs to be in direct contact with the body of the opponent to penetrate the prongs in his or her skin or clothes. Stun gun may not give you the advantage of shooting from a distance but it is much more affordable, portable and easy to disguise as compared to Taser guns. It is also little less legally regulated as compared to Taser gun. 

Benefits of carrying a stun gun

Stun guns offer plethora of benefits to its users. Some of these benefits have been discussed below

First and foremost benefit of stun gun over actual firearm is that it is not fatal for the opponent. Giving a fatal blow to the opponent may create many other legal problems for you personally. So when you just wish to give a shock to the opponent and earn time for keeping a safe distance from him, stun gun is what you will have to use. 

Another benefit of stun gun over real firearm is the cost of the stun gun. Stun guns are much more affordable then the real firearm. So if you are not in the position of affording a real firearm at the moment and in need of a weapon to protect yourself, stun gun will be your saviour without the cape. 

Stun gun have much less legal regulations and formalities over real firearms. Not everyone is authorised to keep a real firearm but after few basic formalities you can easily keep a stun gun for your self-defence. Stun guns are legal to use in almost all states in U.S., but if you happen to live in an area where using stun gun is not legal then you can also use pepper spray for your self-defence. 

Guide to buy the stun gun

Like any other range of self-defence weapons, no two stun guns are similar. Some guns may be heavier than the other while some others may have differently shaped prongs in it. Some guns may differ in the voltage of electrical shocked produced by them. Depending on your requirements and budget of buying the gun, you can buy a Taser and stun gun based on following criterion. 

Voltage produced by the prongs

There is no denial of the fact that higher the voltage of the gun, more intense will be its effect on the opponent. It is always advisable to buy a stun gun which produces minimum 1 million volts to be highly effective. Buying a gun producing voltage lower than 1 million volts will be not only a big compromise on its quality but it will also not give full worth of money spent by you. 

Easy to carry and conceal

Another important trait to look in a stun gun is its portability and ease to conceal it. There is no point in carrying a stun gun which is difficult to carry. Apart from that it should be small in size which fits in easily in your pant pocket, jacket or other such accessible places. If it is in the shape of a cell phone, lipstick or other such day to day things, it can be concealed easily and will also surprise the opponent. 

Built of the gun

It is very important to check the built of the stun gun at the time of buying it. You will definitely not want your stun gun to fall apart while you are struggling with the opponent. Make sure you buy a stun gun made with hard plastic or metal base. Apart from that you should also ensure that the stun gun have anti slip rubber coating over it. 

Power source

Power source is another important trait to be checked in the stun gun. Stun gun may use rechargeable lithium ion batteries or replaceable batteries. Replaceable batteries offer better convenience of not charging the stun gun battery again and again but rechargeable batteries have a better battery life and produce more chock. 

Using the stun gun

Ease of use of stun gun is very important. Stun gun should be such which can be triggered directly without any ado. If you have bought a gun in which you will have to pull a lever, slide a button or do any such similar thing before triggering the prongs, then there is high chance that your opponent will take over you and your gun. 

Safety mechanism

You should definitely look for a stun gun which is easy to use, but what about the electric shock produced by accidental zap of the gun. There are some stun guns available in market which becomes unusable when taken away from the hands of the user. 

Steps of using the stun gun

Only buying the stun gun is not sufficient. You will need to practice using it again and again for creating a muscle memory in your brain. You will definitely not want to fumble at the time of actually using the stun gun and let your opponent take over. When you are in physical contact with your attacker, hitting him with a stun gun won’t hurt you. You need to stun gun in contact with the opponent for at least 3 to 5 seconds for piercing the prongs in the skin. 

We can use a stun gun in 2 easy steps

First and foremost step of using the stun gun is turn off the safety mechanism as soon as you sense some kind of potential danger around you. 

Second step of using the stun gun is to press the trigger and hold the gun on any body part of the opponent you can access to. Usually triggering the stun gun on abdomen, underarms, groin, between hips and ribs, neck and shoulder is most effective. But any of such body part is not accessible then you can pull the trigger wherever you can. 

Top 10 Taser and stun guns in 2020

Now that we know about benefits of Taser and stun guns and how they work towards safety and self-defence of a person, let us review top 10 Taser and stun guns available in US. 

Vipertek VTS-989

Vipertek VTS is one of the best-selling Taser and stun guns availably in the market. If you are buying Taser and stun gun for the first time then it is one of the best stun guns to start with. Spike electrodes of VTS 989 is super sharp which can easily penetrate inside thick clothing of the opponent. Apart from that it is nearly of a size of small cell phone which can be easily carried right in the pocket of your jacket. 

Shock plates attached to the sides of Vipertek VTS-989 takes your security to next level. If in case your attacker tries to snatch the gun from you, he will be in for a shock from the side plates of the stun gun. It works with rechargeable battery with a long battery life. It also has a built in LED light for clear view in dark. 

Only problem with the stun gun is that it needs direct contact with the opponent to work


Police 305 Stun gun

Police 305 stun gun is an amazing stun gun securing second positon in this light. This stun gun can be concealed easily as it looks like a flash light but is capable of giving intense shock to the opponent. It has a 400 lumen LED flashlight for bright and clear vision in dark and is also capable of blinding the vision of the opponent. Apart from that it produces electric shock of 38 million volt which is capable of sending shivers to the spine of the opponent.

Police 305 stun gun is made of ABS plastic which is quite sturdy and durable material. It is also light in weight and can be easily carried in your bag or kept in your car. Though it is 75 inches long and is not comfortable for carrying in pocket, still it is one of the most powerful self-defence equipment. 

In order to avoid shocks due to accidental zap of the stun gun, it has safety on and off switch along with a safety cap. It works through power from rechargeable batteries which can be charged in minimal time

Streetwise sting ring

Another prominent variety of stun guns which have secured a place in the top picks is Streetwise sting ring stun gun. Unlike traditional full size stun guns, it is all the more discreet and small in length. 

Streetwise sting ring stun gun is a compact stun gun which is easy to conceal. As the name suggests, it is in the shape of a ring which you can carry on your finger. Super sharp prongs are shot from the top of the ring. These prongs produce an electric shock of 18 million volts sending chills to the opponent’s spine. 

This Streetwise sting ring stun gun has an oval base attached to the ring which comfortably rests on your palm and can be triggered when attacked by someone. It has a safety switch to prevent accidental shooting from the gun. It works with a rechargeable batteries and also comes with lifetime warranty


Vipertek VTS-880

Vipertek VTS-880 is a wonderful selection in the range of compact stun guns. It is a small stun gun which can easily fit into the pocket of your jeans or jacket. Apart from that it is quite light in weight and you will not feel as if you are carrying it. 

Vipertek VTS-880 comes with an anti-slip rubber coating to prevent the stun gun from falling off from your hands while you sweat in high street situation. There is not denial of the fact that Vipertek VTS-989 is more powerful then Vipertek VTS-880, still the latter is capable enough to boost your sense of safety and confidence. 

Vipertek VTS-880 works efficiently to incapacitate the opponent. Sound made by electrical current is similar to the sound of menacing

Guard Dog security iStun 2 cell phone stun gun

Guard dog security iStun 2 cell phone stun gun is more of a gender equality design of stun gun. Unlike a lipstick stun gun designed especially for women, this iStun 2 stung gun can be owned both by men and women. 

Company has designed this stun gun in the form of a phone as mostly robbers ask for mobile phones along with other valuable with you. So next time a robber asks for your phone deliver him electrical shock instead through your iPhone look alike stun gun.

Since the stun gun is inspired by an iPhone, it is available in three colours gold, silver and rose gold. iStun 1 was a thicker stun gun which has been slimmed down in iStun 2. 

Volume button of the stun guns are basically the safety switch and the button to switch on the flash light. This stun gun can deliver an electric shock of 35 million volts to your attacker. It works through power from rechargeable batteries. 

Safety Technology Runt 20 Million Volt stun Gun w/LED Flashlight & Disable Pin

Another compact stun gun in our top picks of the stun guns is The Runt. It is so small that it can be easily hidden in your palm. But don’t underestimate its efficiency just by looking at the size of the gun. It produces electrical shock of 20 million volts capable of incapacitating and hurting the attacker badly. 

The runt have a powerful flashlight capable of illuminating the path up to 5 feet. Apart from that it also has anti-slip rubber coating, wrist strap and easy release pin to prevent it from slipping from your hands. 

If you are looking for an economic yet effective stun gun available in plethora of colours, then The Runt is what you should check out. 

Taser pulse plus

Taser pulse plus is an amazing Taser gun effective for both close shooting and to shoot from a distance of 15 feet. So next time you sense danger around you, you will not need to wait for the opponent to come close to you. Apart from that it has a built in laser system for perfect aim at the opponent. 

Taser pulse plus is a high voltage Taser gun capable of immobilising the entire nervous system of your attacker for more than 30 seconds. This much time is good enough to run away or call for help. 

It works with the help of lithium battery offering 50 shots in a single charge. You also get practice target to practise shooting with Taser pulse plus. 

Best part about the Taser pulse plus is that it works in association with the Noonlight app. This Noonlight app is designed to alert the nearby law enforcement agency as soon as the trigger is pulled. You will not need to call the police all by yourself. It is one of the most efficient weapons available for the people who are seriously concerned about their personal security. 

Vipertek VTS T-03 aluminium series stun gun

Vipertek VTS T03 which looks like a regular flashlight is actually a 10 billion heavy duty stun gun. This stun gun is made of type 3 aircraft aluminium which makes it sturdy and durable in any and every kind of weather. All thanks to its anti-roll design, it will not catch up speed even when dropped from a hill. 

It comes with a 350 lumen LED flashlight bright enough for clear vision in dark and also for hurting the eyes of the attacker. It gets power from rechargeable batteries which gets charged quickly with the help of a cord. 

Taser X2

Another powerful Taser gun in our top picks is Taser X2. You can easily shoot from Taser X2 up to the maximum distance of 15 feet. It also has a built in laser system so that you don’t miss out on your aim. 

Visible electrical arc between the prongs is scary enough to discourage the opponent. The gun also has a backup shot in case you have to shoot two or more opponents without needing to reload the gun. Holster which you get with Taser X2 can prove to be quite handy at the time of self-defence

It also has a built in LED flashlight for clear vision in dark. 

Guard Dog Hornet

Though guard dog hornet is a not bigger than a lipstick tube, but it is very powerful when it comes to incapacitating the attacker. Many customers have reviewed its electric current sound to be scary enough for discouraging the attacker. It is one of the most portable and economic options available in our list of top picks.

In build flashlight of the stun gun offers vision in the dark. Apart from that it also has a ring attached to it, so that you can carry the gun right in your fingers. 

Restrictions in U.S.

It will be interesting to note that use of Taser and stun guns is legal in 48 states of U.S. including Puerto Rico. New Jersey have recently removed the ban on use of Taser and stun guns, while you need to take a legal permit for using the stun gun in states like Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin. Use of stun guns is illegal in states like Rhode Island and Hawaii. Before you venture in to buying a Taser and stun gun for your self-defence, make sure you check with the local law enforcement authorities. 


Though Taser and stun guns are less regulated then real firearms, it is very important to check with local law enforcement authorities and take requisite permit before buying one. Taser and stun gun is a very good means of boosting your sense of security and confidence. So next time whether you are coming back from work late in night or have ventured in to an unknown neighbourhood, having a Taser and stun gun by your side will be quite helpful for you. It is also advisable to practice shooting from a Taser and stun gun as many times as you can in order to prevent stammering in the hour of need.