Top 10 Travel Money Belts in 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

We travel across the globe with different goals and intentions. But one fact remains common for all that our money, phone, and credit cards are always vulnerable to robbery. Every year millions of travelers lose their money to the hands of notorious elements waiting for innocent prey. You may or may not be able to fight or chase such thieves, but you can take concrete steps to protect your belongings. One such step is investing in a good quality money belt. Money belts look like regular belts, but unlike regular belts, you can conceal your cash, card, and even phone in the money belt. A money belt keeps your cash organized, gives you a sense of security, and saves you from the pain of carrying extra purse or wallet to keep cash in. A good quality money belt is worth every penny spent over it. It is one of the best travel partners for most people traveling around the world

Best money belts reviews for 2020

Peak Gear money belt with RFID block

Peak Gear money belt with RFID block is made of 210 deniers water-resistant nylon. It is a tough, sturdy, and durable travel money belt. Premium quality YKK zippers further add to the sturdiness and durability of the belt. Its high-quality construction of the belt makes it an ideal choice for frequent travelers. It has two separate zippered pockets with smaller compartments to keep your valuables. You get optimum space to organize your passport, credit card, and cash inside it. These pockets are easily accessible and you can take out anything within a moment. The fabric of the wallet has inbuilt RFID blocking to protect your RFID sensitive documents such as passport and credit cards. The moisture-wicking breathable fabric of the belt gives optimum comfort on hot days when you are sweaty. The double release safety buckle of the belt can be adjusted according to the size of the wearer. The icing on the cake is the insurance policy you get along with the belt. It recovers your loss in case you lose your belt. Another benefit of the belt is Decals from global lost and found company Return Me for your precious items. The belt is available in a variety of sizes ranging from XS to XL  and in color options black and beige

Active Roots Security Belt

In case you like simple and straight forward belt designs then active roots security belt is the belt for you. It is one of the most travel-friendly belt in the list. It can be perfectly concealed beneath your shirt and none can doubt its existence except you. It avails easy access of cash from the zipper concealed on the underside of the belt. You can easily hide your cash in the concealed zipper of the belt. It is made of high-quality premium nylon material. It is a tough, sturdy, and durable travel money belt apt for frequent travelers. It is a stylish money belt at an affordable price. Active roots security belt earns added brownie points as on the sale of each belt, a certain amount goes to Elephant conservation center in Laos. 

The only problem with the belt is that the pocket is large enough to keep the cash but not card or passport. Apart from that, you do not have RFID blocking feature in it


Boxiki Travel Money Belt

If you are a fashionista and looking for a stylish money belt then the Boxiki travel money belt is the money belt for you. It not only looks stylish but it will not even have a slight effect on fit or look of any of your dress. Its design looks elegant and classy. Its neutral color scheme makes it almost invisible in any kind of dress you choose to wear over it. And the best part is that you can wear it in direct contact with your skin as its back panel is moisture-wicking and sweat proof. 

This travel belt by Boxiki has ample space to conceal all your belongings. It has two zippered pockets at the front and one concealed pocket at the back. 210 denier nylon material makes it a sturdy and durable travel money belt. RFID blocking offers optimum protection to all your RFID sensitive documents like passports and credit cards. It has a sturdy elastic strap to easily fit people of different sizes. It also has a back buckle to secure it in one place and avoid accidental unclipping of the belt

Active roots travel money belt

If you are looking for a full-size money belt then Active roots travel money belt is one of the best recommendations. Multi zipper pockets of the money belt provide you ample space to carry your cash, cards as well as a passport. It is a new generation money belt that is stylish, elegant, efficient, and stay secured right around your navel. RFID blocking offers protection against skimming of information or your identity from RFID sensitive documents like credit cards, debit cards, passport, driving license, etc. You can safely carry all these with you while you travel. 

Though it can become a little bulky if you load it with lot of stuff and can be noticed by a thief observing you from distance. It can also be located easily just by lifting the shirt. 

Alpine Rivers Money Belt

Alpine rivers money belt is one of the most sturdy, durable, and secured money belt recommendations on our list. 210 denier nylon material along with high-quality zippers add to the sturdiness of the money belt. It has a large concealed pocket at the back to perfectly conceal all your valuable belongings. It also has RFID blocking to protect your RFID sensitive documents like credit cards, passports, and driving licenses. Your credit card details and your identity information is safe when kept in this money belt. You can easily organize your stuff like credit cards, cash, passport, and license in two zipper pockets at the front. Apart from that you also get a clip to hang your keys and USB. You get sufficient space to accommodate smartphones of different sizes. The moisture-wicking breathable mesh feels comfortable and soft against your skin. You can wear the belt directly on the skin. An adjustable elastic strap is suitable to fit people of different sizes. The money belt is available in a plethora of color choices such as Beach sand, graphite, and black. The icing on the cake is seven complimentary RFID sleeves that you get along with it when purchased from Amazon 

Stashbanz running travel money belt

Stashbanz running travel money belt is one of the best money belt choices for international travel. It is sleek in design, elegant in look, and comfortable to wear all day long. If you happen to be a compulsive jogger or runner even when you are on a vacation or traveling for business, then this is one of the best running money belt choices available for you. Moisture-wicking, breathable dry spandex material of the money belt will keep your skin fresh and unirritated even when you are sweating a lot. You can easily organize your credit card, phone, passport, and cash in four secure pockets in the front and one concealed zipper pocket. This running travel money belt is available in five different sizes suitable to be worn over or under your shirt. It is a high-quality money belt made in the USA. 

The only problem with this money belt is that it is non-adjustable and too many pockets make it quite predictable.    

AIKELIDA RFID blocking travel wallet

If you are looking for an economic money belt that offers features as good as any expensive money belt then AIKELIDA RFID blocking travel wallet is worth checking out. The belt is made of ripstop nylon which is light in weight, durable, and water-resistant. It is covered at back by a breathable fabric net mesh that is moisture-wicking and feels soft and comfortable against your skin. It can easily fit people of different sizes with its adjustable elastic belt. RFID blocking offers optimum protection to your RFID sensitive documents such as credit cards, passports, and driving licenses. You can easily carry your passports, cards, cash, phone, and other important documents in its two zipper pockets having three compartments. It does not appear bulky on keeping all these things in it. The black color of the belt looks elegant. It is machine washable and you can easily clean the sweat and dust over it.       

Alpha Keeper money belt

Are you someone who travels with many credit cards? Are you someone who is always worried about your electronic safety? Do you always live in the fear of getting your card details or identity stolen? Then Alpha money keeper money belt is one of the safest money belts in the list to keep your RFID sensitive documents safe and secured. It has triple layer protection of 100 percent RFID blocking material. 

210 denier ripstop nylon material of the money belt is tough, sturdy, durable, and water-resistant. It will stay soft and comfortable even when in direct contact with your skin. Seven protection sleeves for additional security of your phone, wallet, passport, or any other valuables are cherry on the top. The sleeves offer optimum security to your belongings when you are not traveling but sleeping in a common room or hostel. 

The only problem with this money belt is that it is not comfortable for all-day wearing as compared to other comfortable products mentioned in the list. If electronic security is your topmost priority then it is a belt which you must check out. 

Leather Boss Men’s leather money belt

If you are looking for an elegant leather belt that also conceals your money the Leather Bos men’s leather money belt is one of the ideal choices for you. Unlike other money belts in the list, this leather belt does not have zipper pockets to keep your cards and passports. But it has a concealed pocket to keep your cash. And no one can tell that you have cash hidden beneath your belt. It looks like a regular leather belt worn by most men across the globe. If we talk about the design or style of the belt, it is simple, elegant, and attractive. You can easily sport it with most of your pants, jeans, and even shorts.     

The only problem with the belt is that leather of the belt is not water-resistant and you do not get any RFID blocking in this belt      

How to choose a travel money belt

All those who have not yet used a money belt may ask this question. They may think it to be an advertisement hack and nothing more. Some might believe that sellers are painting a larger than life picture to sell their belts. But just think about the fact that you can never guarantee against pickpocketing of your wallet and carrying a bulky wallet full of cash and card is an open invitation to the pickpocketer. Getting your cash stolen is the worst thing that can happen to you during a trip. It can dampen most of your plans. There is no harm hiding in some extra cash in your money belt in case the thief steals your wallet or bag. In case your cards also get stolen along with the cash, negotiations with the card company is altogether a different tough fight you will need to fight. It is better to have some spare cash hidden in the secret pocket in your belt for such a tough time.    

It is important to understand that a money belt is not a big investment. But it will surely give you insurance against pickpocketing and peace of mind on your trip. Unlike regular belts, money belts are a lot more comfortable, flexible, thick, and sturdy. 

Types of money belts

The best way to protect your money for pickpocketing is to conceal it. Money belts are designed to conceal your money at a place where thieves can seldom reach. You can get different varieties of money belts depending on your budget, preference, and taste. 

Some most common varieties of money belts are:

  1. Leather Belts. Leather money belts usually known as tactical belts are made from a better quality of leather than the regular belts. The leather used in the tactical belt is much stronger, flexible, comfortable to wear, and perfect for regular use.
  2.  Velcro Belts. If you are looking for easy to use and adjustable money belts, then you should check out the variety of Velcro belts. These belts not only have high functionality but also are aesthetically appealing. So if you want to show off your classy taste while you travel then the Velcro money belt is something you should invest in.     
  3. Nylon Belt. If affordability and durability are your priorities while buying the belt, then check out the range of nylon money belts available both online and offline. They are not only sturdier than other money belts but also quite cheap as compared to leather belts. A nylon belt is what you should prefer if you are going hiking or camping. 

Factors to be kept in mind while buying a money belt

Money belts are designed with the sole intention of keeping your belongings concealed and safe. But with a plethora of varieties available in the market, how can you be sure which is the right money belt for you. To help you make the right decision, we have come up with a list of things you must consider while buying a money belt.   

  1. Features of the belt. Money belts come in a plethora of styles such as belts with pocket, zippers, buckles, clips, and bands. You can select a belt according to the style which suits you the best. Apart from that, the selection of the belt will also depend on things you wish to keep inside it. Whether you want a belt only to keep your cash or you want extra pockets to keep your credit cards, phone, passport, etc. Every backpacker has different needs and you will need to look for a belt that fulfills those needs.
  2. The fit of the belt. Since you are going to wear the belt in your major traveling time, considering the fit and comfort of the belt is very important. In your entire trip, the belt will be more or less extension of your body, so comfort should be your top priority. The belt should not only fit snugly around your waist but it should not also irritate your skin by rubbing and chafing. Any kind of redness, itching, rashes around your waist will hinder the fun. All those who do not like to wear money belts, the good news is, that these days you also get scarves with secret money pockets. 
  3. Use of the belt. You shall also consider the use or functionality of the money belt while buying it. Kind of money belt you will buy will depend on the use you will put it to. If you are going on camping or hiking then you shall look for a waterproof belt that will keep your belongings safe as well as dry in unpredictable weather. If you are too much involved in running, jogging, or other athletic activities, then you shall look for running money belts that are sweat-proof, is made of breathable material, and keep your belongings safe and organized while you run. Leather travel belts are usually not suitable for running and hiking purposes.       
  4. RFID Blocking. RFID skimming is a new age stealing technique about which you cannot do much. Devices reading RFID sensitive documents are easily available online at a nominal cost. And you what you lose is of much greater value. It is important to invest in a belt, backpack, or wallet that can block unauthorized RFID signals that can be used for stealing your credit card details as well as identity. You get money belts with RFID blocking feature. Though these belts are a little expensive as compared to belts without RFIS blocking, they are worth the investment. You cannot afford to lose your identity or your card details, especially in a foreign land.   
  5. The material of the belt. Sturdy and durable travel money belts are made of nylon. These are usually used for hiking, camping, and other adventure trips. If you are looking for something classic and elegant then you can also check out money belts made of leather. For people involved in sports or other athletic activities, spandex money belts are most useful and comfortable. Apart from a leather money belt, you can wash other varieties in the washing machine to clean the dirt and sweat. 
  6. Added features. You can also check out the color, texture, pattern, and design of the money belt for its aesthetic value. Some fashion-forward people may prefer fancy designer money belts. Apart from that, you can also get features like an insurance policy against losing the belt and return me the belt feature in some money belts. It can help you in tracing the belt in case you lose it. 

Some useful tips to safeguard your cash while traveling

  • If it is a short trip or you are going out of town for just one night, take the only required amount of cash with you. Carrying unnecessary cash is an unnecessary invitation to the thieves. 
  • If you are in a foreign land, loaded with cash, alone and drunk then it is the sure-shot recipe of disaster. Avoid this if you do not want to lose your cash, ID cards, and mess your trip. 
  •  Public places such as train stations, subways, bus depots, crowded markets, tourist attractions are the hub for pickpocketing. You need to be extra careful when you are in such places. 
  • Avoid taking out cash or card from your money belt in public. In this way, you will be exposing the location of your valuables to the thief all by yourself. If you know that you are going to need cash at a certain place, plan, take out the cash in a secluded place, preferably in the restroom of a restaurant.   
  • Avoid overloading the money belt to look as if you are pregnant. A money belt protruding from inside of your shirt is giving away your secret to the onlooker. The main purpose of the money belt is to conceal your money and valuables and it should remain concealed beneath your shirt. 
  • Do not keep entire cash in one place. Instead, distribute it at several places. You cannot afford to lose your entire cash and mess your trip by keeping all your money in one place.
  • Become a smart traveler. Make yourself aware of common pickpocketing tricks like spilling ketchup or water on you and making it look like an accident. It is not an accident and you are just being scammed by the thief. Be mentally and physically prepared to deal with such people in such situations. 
  • Stop being paranoid and doubt every person passing you. Everyone around the world is not out to steal your money. You need to be aware, focused, and keep your wits high. But there is no point in doubting every other person passing you.


Whether we like it or not, traveling can lead to adventurous unwelcomed experiences in our lives. Though we cannot do much to avoid it completely but taking protective steps is always in our hands. Investing in a good quality secured money belt can be a concrete step towards protecting your valuable. We have brought you the list of some of the best travel money belts available online. You can select the one that suits best to you as per your need, taste, and budget. A sturdy money belt that is not bulky, can be concealed neatly, offer RFID blocking, and is good looking can be an ideal choice.