Dan Valois SSD-90 Tactical Knife Belt Best Review – Is It Free?

In a world like today’s where the numbers of crimes are only increasing and you are never truly safe it is good to be a little paranoid and hence be prepared for any situation where you or someone you care about is in danger. The police force does their best at protecting us but the cop to civilian ratio is low and is only decreasing as the number of people applying isnt increasing at the rate the population is increasing. It is always better to have and not need than to need and not have, hence having a weapon to defend yourself from any imminent danger is always better. If not for survival but just as a handy tool for outdoor enthusiasts who could always use a handy knife, the Valois SSD-90 Tactical Knife Belt.

What is the Valois SSD-90 Tactical Knife Belt?

The Valios SSD-90 Tactical Knife belt is a ordinary looing belt to look at, but it as specific features built into it to make it a survival and self-defense tool. This product is a fully functional belt that is wearable for sizes 24 to 52. The feature that makes this standard-to-look-at belt a tool to help your to defend yourself or to be a handy tool to help in many survival scenarios is the concealed knife in the buckle of the belt. The belt is legal in all the 50 states as well as Canada.

About the Inventor of the Valois SSD-90 Tactical Knife Belt :

The belt is the brain child of a Mr. Dan Valois. Dan Valois is a expert knife craftsman and crafts a vast variety of custom knives and has also made many variants of the knife belt.
Dan is based in Arizona and sells most of his knives online. It is not only the knife-buckle but the strong nylon material of the belt that makes it strong enough to be used as a rope without haveing to worry about it ripping apart.

Some prominent features of the Dan Valois SSD-90 Tactical Knife Belt are:

– The Knife is completely hidden in the buckle and can not be spotted from the outside hence giving you the chance to make a sudden move on your attacker and hence gain the upper hand.
– The small size of the knife makes it a very easy-to-use tool especially for outdoor activities like fishing, trekking and camping.
– The serrated edge of the knife makes it easy to cut through things and also ensures that one blow to the attacker is enough to incapacitate him long enough to flee to safety.
– The knife is not in a sheath or not even in your back pocket it is at the most convenient and unsuspecting place when you need it.
– Even when the conceled blade is removed the belt stays on perfectly.
– The material of the blade is such that it is meant to last for a really long time.
– The belt can accomodate anyone from 24-52 inches of waist size.
– If in an emergency you need a rope or there is a rescue line that you need to harness yourself too then you can used the belt as its strong nylon material will not rip-off easily.
– The belt’s width is 2.75 inches and can fits through every stand hoop size.


– This is the perfect tool for survivalists and outdoor people who could always use a sturdy belt and a sharp serrated knife.
– The completely hidden blade give you the element of surprise and that could be a very integral advantage in ensuring your safety.
– The knife can be placed back into the belt after use and even when the knife buckle is removed the integrity of the belt is maintained.
– The serrated edge of the knife is sharp and combined with the light weight of the knife can be used to deal swift and lethal blows to the attacker.
– The belt is made out of strong nylon allowing it to withstand high pressure and not tear hence it can be used as a rope if the situation call for it.


– The product is primarily sold online and is not available in the stores.
– The product has a large range of waist size from 24-52 but people with lower or higher waist sizes may not be able to wear the belt comfortably.

Why you must get the Valois SSD-90 Tactical Knife Belt?

The Valois SSD-90 Tactical Knife Belt is a concealed weapon and hence adds the element of surprise allowing you to use it to your advantage to gain the upperhand on your attacker. The belt is also something that can be used for survival and isnt a ordinary belt, it is made out of heavy duty nylon can can withstand high degrees of pull and resist tear. The Valois SSD-90 Tactical Knife Belt is a must for of people who like to be prepared in case a fight finds them and also for outdoor people