First Strike Review – Should you Use it or Not?

If you are already aware of the Alphanation First Strike program and are looking forward to purchase this product from the official website just click here. In case you are looking forward to read a detailed Alphanation First Strike Review just keep reading

What is Alphanation First Strike?

The First Strike is s self defense program by Alphanation and is focused at training users the art of defending themselves and their loved one and is very legit unlike many other courses available online.

This program will teach you how to become a better fighter and teach you both offensive and defensive techniques to help you defend as well as attack when the situation arises.  The program is basically an eBook what will guide you through various tips, tricks and techniques on how to win fights. The book is written in a fashion which makes it easy to understand.

About person behind the program:

The First Strike by Alphanation is a program which is a joint venture by Todd Lamb and Ari Knazan. To

dd used to be a SWAT team leader while Ari teaches martial arts and is a personal safety expert. The First Strike is a simple to understand detailed step-wise program that capitalizes on your basic human self defense instincts hence making the technique easy to learn and execute both.

The book claims that even though your body may not be the athletic type or even have any prior training in any martial arts you can still learn to subdue any assailant. Todd believes that it is society that has trained us to not respond to violence with the same but in certain cases when your life or your family’s life is in danger then you must do what is required to protect them. Hence he believes that learning nay form of martial art is a waste as those moves are not meant for real life scenarios and that this course is base on a human’s natural instinct and the moves are also base on the same.

Alphanation’s First Strike is hence base on natural instinct of any human which is then combined with the important elements of the best martial arts moves and Ari’s and Todd’s experience and knowledge in the field of self defense.

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The Alphanation First Strike Package:

The First Strike package contain the eBook which has a lot of textual matter and guides you through the various tips and tricks formulates by Todd and Ari.

Some prominent features of the Alphanation First Strike are:

  • The simplest and yet most effective trick to end a fight even before it begins.
  • Tricks you can use to subdue your attacker even if the attacker is armed with a sharp weapon and also how to prevent yourself from getting injured by that weapon while you do so.
  • The book also introduces you to seven techniques used by the Special Forces which win you the fight by rendering the attacker’s attacks and fighting style to be in effective.
  • Simple tricks to turn an attack from your attacker around on to himself.
  • The program teaches you three simple and easy to execute techniques to end a fight swiftly.
  • The best methods on how to confuse your attacker by targeting specific regions of the body.
  • How to fight against an opponent who is of a larger size than yourself. Aim for the weak points like teeth, eyes, face or even the back of the head.
  • How to must react to and what techniques you must deploy against a mass shooter and walk away alive from that fight.

Todd Lamb has decided to make his product even better by giving four bonus products to every customer on their first purchase of this program. The four bonuses are:

  • The “Advanced Situational Awareness” Manual – This manual will guide you to help have a better understanding of a situation in a tactful and objective manner and hence proceed with keeping in mind that survival is of the essence and not winning the fight. Hence this also focuses on how to end a fight even before it starts so as to avoid conflict and walk away from the fight unharmed.
  • The “Ghost Protocol: The Art of Being Invisible” Manual – This manual train people how to blind the attacker and hence remain hidden or invisible until the right time and then finish the fight and neutralize the attacker with a single stealth blow.
  • The “Command Presence” Manual – This is a very essential book as the any other the other book can teach you techniques but having the courage to use those techniques at the time when you are being attacked and your life is in danger is the key. This book will teach you how to be strong and confident mentally and carry this aura of confidence which at times is enough to scare the attacker away realizing he has picked a fight with the wrong person.
  • The Alphanation Online Coaching (30 day version for trial) – This is a free 30 day access to the exclusive Alpha Nation Community and the chance to meet others and get motivated and start master the techniques in the program right away.

The Pros and cons of Alphanation’s First Strike are:


  • The book cover methods that are simple to learn and easy to execute with a little practice unlike some of the other programs out there which are very complicated and require a certain prior background in martial arts.
  • This program is based on techniques that have been tried and tested and work in real life situations. People who have already completed the program also attest to this fact.
  • If you are not satisfied with the program or how it works then you can ask for a refund which is valid for two months after purchase of the book.
  • It is a feasible means to learn the skills to defend yourself and your family. It is definitely cheaper as compared to martial arts classes and also there is no requirement of purchasing any equipment.
  • The moves and techniques are designed by peoples with experience in self defense and backgrounds in the Special Forces.
  • It can be learnt and practiced in the comfort of your own four walls and at your own time.


  • IF you are a person who is submissive and doesn’t promote violence and hence would probably refrain from resorting to violence if your own or your family’s safety is in question then this book isn’t for you
  • The book is currently available only in a digital format and there is no hard copy available.

Why we think Alphanation’s First Strike is worth buying:

We like the First Strike Program by Alpha Nation. The creators of the program Ari and Todd are both well experienced in the art of self defence and have real life experience in the same and hence their suggestions, experience and years of knowledge have all been compiled into this course and hence the techniques are legit and wont fail you if you were to be attacked at any point of time, as long as you practise the techniques and execute them properly.

The program is an eBook along with videos to help make it easier for the users to understand and hence can be learnt and practised in your own homes saving you both money and time.