Hoffman Richter Stinger Tactical Spy Pen Review – Is It a SCAM?

Why you would need a Stinger Tactical Spy Pen?

If you are aware of the Stinger Tactical Spy Pen and are looking for the official website just click here. In case you are looking for a detailed review of the tactical pen keep reading.

We live in a dangerous world where almost everyday we hear about various crimes such as a mugging, murder, a break-in, rape or many other such heinous crimes. Why humanity has stopped to fighting and killing its own is something we can’t understand and control.

But now that such crimes are happening around us and it is us and our loved ones who are under threat we must take action. We aren’t implying that the Government who is tasked with welfare and protection of it’s citizens is at fault or incapable of protecting us. It is just that due the the high rate of increase in population is not followed by a similar increase in the number of people enrolling into the police force. This in-turn caused a low cop-to-civilian ration hence hindering the ability to protect all of us.

You must always be ready for a fight because you never know around which corner someone is waiting to attack you. Especially in a world like today’s people can find your location through GPS and a person who you do not know is your UBER driver and has your location or even when your share your location through images on social media or snapchat. This makes you an easy target especially if you are female you have given away your location to potential stalkers or creeps in general. So you must learn how to defend yourself when the time come.

There are may things you carry on a daily basis, which we call EDC or Every Day Carry things which you can use to defend yourself or even attack the attacker. Things like a skateboard or a bag or a violin case can be used to defend while an umbrella, a baseball bat or even a guitar can be used to attack.

The Stinger Tactical Spy Pen is a tool that can help you defend yourself. It weights, looks and feels similar to a standard pen, but is build with feature to help you defend your self from a potential attacker or even to attack and incapacitate the attacker long enough for you to run to safety or call for help.

What is the Stinger Tactical Spy Pen?

The Stinger Tactical Spy Pen is a stealth tactical pen that looks and functions like any ordinary pen but helps the holder or wielder defend himself. The Stinger Tactical Spy Pen is easy to carry around like any other pen in your back pocket or purse.

It is made from a single block of air-craft grade aluminium and is coated in titanium which impart it unparalleled strength making it can excellent tool for you to use, to defend yourself. The Stinger Tactical Spy Pen obviously also functions a a fully functional pen. It has a Fisher Space pen cartridge which allow the pen to write smoothly at awkward angles such as upside down and also underwater.

What are the prominent features of the Stinger Tactical Spy Pen?

  • The Pen is shaped like a stylus.
  • An HD Stainless Steel Pocket Clip to last for many years to come.
  • Crafted from 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum imparting it godly strength.
  • CNC Machined.
  • Type II Class 3 Hard Anodized.
  • Smooth & Ergonomic Design for your comfort.
  • Superior Grip.
  • Grab Tab.
  • Lanyard Hole.
  • Sealed O-Ring.
  • Waterproof and also writes underwater.
  • Removable Stainless Steel Clip.
  • Includes Replaceable Fisher Space Ink Cartridge.
  • Lightweight due to its strong but low-weight aluminium body.

What are the Pros and Cons of the Stinger Tactical Spy Pen?


  • It is lightweight and small hence easy to carry.
  • It is legal and unlike a gun doesnt require a license.
  • It’s design is that of a pen and this very fact adds an element of surprise which you can use to make your move on the un-suspecting attacker.
  • Having the Stinger Tactical Spy Pen increases your chances at survival in case you are attacked or in any emergency situations.
  • It is feasible when compared to an armour or a gun which you could use respect to protect yourself.
  • The fisher space pen cartridge also allows the pen to write at akward angles like upside down
  • The pen is water proof and also writes underwater.
  • The Stinger Tactical Spy pen can also be used to break glass in case of emergencies like a fire or a car crash.


  • The pen is not available in stores and the only way to purchase one is online.
  • the product should be used in the way as shown in the manual that comes along with it for it to be effective.

The Stinger Tactical Spy Pen by Hoffman Richter


It all boils down to the fact that the Stinger Tactical Spy Pen is an exceptionally designed tactical pen that is convenient to carry and hence easy to use against attackers to defend yourself. It is also a feasible option for protecting yourself as compared to guns and armor. The pen is look so simple to look at but strong and sturdy when you need it to be and can also be used to break glass. The pen also writes upside down and underwater both differentiating it into a class of its own. The Stinger Tactical Spy Pen is a must must for all those who want to be prepared in case of emergencies, because well the pen is mightier than the sword