Muay Thai Sprawl Self Defense Review – Is it Real or Scam?

Why do you need to know Muay Thai?

In times like today when crime rates are sky-rocketing around the globe it is not safe on the streets. Bad luck and criminals never knock before coming in, hence it is up to us to be prepared. It is not that the police force is not doing it’s job, it is just that the number or people to protect is increasing by the second but the number of people enrolling into the police force is less hence a smaller cop to civilian ratio, essentially making it harder for them to protect us.

Many forms of self defense are available to safeguard yourself from imminent danger. Two of the broadly classified ways to defend yourself are either to pre-arm yourself with a weapon or to learn and practice a form of self defense art. Muay Thai is a rising popular form of martial art that you can learn and use to defend yourself from potential attackers. While some people learn Muay Thai for self defense others learn it to stay fit and practice it as an exercise.


What is the Attack Back : Muay Thai Sprawl Self Defense?

The “Attack Back” is a book written by Jermaine Andre about how Muay Thai can be used to defend yourself in real-life situations to defend yourself from attackers. The author was a mixed martial arts fighter before and traveled across the globe competing with other trained martial artists but soon realized that it wasn’t paying much and he was broke. So he switched and started working at a club as a bouncer, where he came up with techniques to defuse any situations in the club between drunken brawlers without injuring them. Soon these techniques of his came to notice and were used by other bouncers as well as bodyguards. Word travels fast and soon Jermaine was called to a local police station by the station chief to demonstrate this techniques to his officers to help them with their work. After this Jermain started a program to train people in self defense techniques of Muay Thai and wrote this book.

Some prominent features of the Attack Back: Muay Thai Sprawl Self Defense are:

– Learn the three things an attacker needs to attack you and hence learn to be off the attackers radar.

– Learn to be aware of your surroundings, because being aware you an prevent an attack or turn an attack around even before it happens.

– Learn different techniques of Muay Thai to defend yourself in open and closed spaces differently.

– Learn to stay of the ground because failing to the ground can cause injuries from rocks, glass, ground and hence prevent you from running and reducing your options at escaping.

– Find out how a sucker punch works so you can prevent from falling victim to it.

– Learn 5 different fighting ranges so you know what techniques to use to attack, defend or evade an attack.

– Learn to detect what fighting style and range your attacker is using and counter it.

– Learn a strike that is simple yet lethal, in sense that it shuts down your attacker and allows you to escape to safety.

– Learn the proper way to fall, so that if at all you fall you don’t fall on your head or injure yourself in a manner that incapacitates you.

– Learn Muay Thai tricks that can be used to attack someone from the ground which are so strong that they are not permitted in official Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fights.


– The Author of the book is renown for his self defense techniques in Muay Thai

– The book en-capture the essence of Muay Thai and is a feasible and more convenient way to learn self defense as opposed to expensive and time consuming classes.

– You will learn to protect yourself without a weapon.

– You will understand how an attacker or criminal chooses his victims and will also be taught tactics to stay off their radar.

– You will learn how to be aware of your surroundings and fight according to the terrain and place and used learn how to use those to your advantage in time of an attack.


– The book is not available in stores and can only be purchased online.

Why you must purchase the Attack Back :Muay Thai Sprawl Self Defense?

If you wish to protect yourself in dark times like today you must learn how to defend yourself. The simplest, most cost effective and least time consuming option is the Muay Thai Sprawl Self Defense book, “Attack Back”. The book is written by someone who is best fit to write a self defense book as he is a mixed martial artist and has been a bouncer and has successfully used the Muay Thai techniques in real life. You will learn through scenarios and real life experiences mentioned by the author in the book. You will learn how to be confident at the time of an attack and protect yourself from your attacker and keep yourself and anyone else in need of help safe from any harm.