What to Carry if you dont want to carry a gun – Non Lethal Weapons for Self Defense

Most people would agree that the world is becoming more dangerous with each passing day. Data might be showing that crime rates have decreased but with the news of attacks on individuals, invasion of houses, violence in workplace as well as domestically, as well as the robberies make people worry about their safety all the time. People worried about their safety may turn to owning a gun just for safety purposes, but a lot of states have strict laws against guns as well as day-by-day the number of places where carrying a gun is not allowed is increasing. There are still plenty of objects available which can be used for self-defense purposes as listed below for reference.


The most common object which can be used for protection against thieves or robbers is a knife. The best kind of knife to be used without drawing any attention towards you is by using a folding tactical knife. It can be easily kept inside anyone’s pocket and then be used for defense purposes. When used properly knives can become a lot more dangerous than a gun. One should make sure that the knife can easily folded back and has a serrated blade which also has an ergonomic grip.

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Pepper Spray

Pepper spray has been getting popular nowadays for being used as an object for self defense. It has been used specially by women to protect themselves from possible dangers. It was originally used for protection against wild bears. Pepper spray is inflammatory and when sprayed on the eyes of the person who is about to harm it will cause the eyes to swell up and the person won’t be able to open their eyes for some time. Some precautions which needs to be kept in mind while using shall be that it can get on you when you are spraying it on another person causing respiratory issues. Also the effects ca be weakened due to extreme hot or cold temperatures.


Stun Gun

Stun guns don’t usually resembles the normal guns so it won’t grab much attention but regardless of it, it should be concealed well. It is not only non-lethal but also can used in the wind and water making it a good alternative to pepper spray. Check out some stun guns available online


A cane is one of the best defense objects as it can be used to give a good blow. Selecting a cane which will not break easily is very important. A cane made of Harwood with a handle of a rubber type is a very good choice. Seniors and Elderly can use their walking to defend themselves

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An umbrella which is not fragile can be a perfect alternative to a cane. There are umbrellas made specially made for self defense purposes. These umbrellas are made up of fibreglass, and even though it is lightweight it can hit just like a steel pipe.


A belt can be a very powerful weapon when used in the correct manner. The heavy metal buckle can be of the belt can be used to cause damage if it swing hard enough. At the same time another use of it is to strangle the attacker or maybe using it to tie up the attacker until the authorities can arrive to arrest the person.

Tactical Pen

A tactical pen is like using an everyday pen in a particular way. The best tactic to use it is by keeping it out of the sleeves for about one inch and then use the right amount of force for making holes on the attacker’s body.  You can get the Hoffman Richter Stinger Tactical Spy Pen for free. You just have to pay them shipping



A scarf may seem like an unlikely weapon of choice but if used well it can cause some major damage. It can be used to strangle the attacker or may be to form a makeshift garrote. This weapon is used by the French Foreign Legion as garrotes.

Car Keys

Car keys are also fully capable of being a good weapon. The main thing that needs to be kept in mind is that the keys should not be foldable because most keys are. Even though not being as sharp as a knife when used with correct force alongside the adrenaline rush it can cause some serious damage.

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Well using objects is not the only protection one can use when they don’t have a gun. Rather one should also be taking self defense classes. This is specially intended for kids, women and senior citizens because they are at an all-time high risk of being threatened or robbed. The local police department and community centers arrange these kind of classes. Especially for senior citizens there is R.A.D., a self defense training program run by professional instructors. If you want to learn the lessons of self defense at home then there are plenty of lessons available on YouTube which can be seen as well as learnt.

Also few things that one should be careful about on the road would be to avoid dark areas specially alleys, keep your car keys in your hand or in a pocket as searching for the keys when you might be in a dangerous situation can have bas consequences, make sure to let family members as well as close friends know if one may think that they are in a dangerous situation or are scared, keep some money hidden in the pocket of your trousers or jacket because in case of getting mugged they most likely take the wallet, stay away from strangers and don’t let them enter the house, keep the doors and windows locked at night as most break-ins happen during that time and try to have a companion while walking on the street,

There are plenty of methods and weapons available to be used in case one fails to not have a gun. In today’s time where gun violence is so rampant and children may end up misusing guns after finding it at home, it is better to not use one. It is good to know the alternatives of gun as there are plenty of things to learn and use for helping oneself out.