Real Life Self Defense Review – Is It A Scam?

This is a detailed review of a very popular self defense program available online known as Real Life Self Defense the official website of which is available here.

How can you defend yourself?

Plan on making it through the week without getting mugged on the streets? Then this book has the right kind of advice for you. And guess what? It helps you go about with the legal aftermath too. Self-Defense is a countermeasure used to protect yourself from potential harm. It can be really useful to know various tactics to defend yourself during emergencies involving violent offenders.

Now self-defense can be of two types armed and unarmed. Armed self-defense would include carrying items like a stun gun or pepper spray. Carrying guns and knives without a proper license is against the law and can very well get you into trouble depending on the city you are in. Unarmed self-defense would involve learning forms of martial arts used to defend yourself from impending harm, and combat sports such as kickboxing, wrestling and Muay Thai. Most country laws regard self-defense as legal if it is proved that the victim was under serious physical and mental harm.

About the Author of Real Life Self Defense

The book “Real Life Self-Defense” by Mike Westerdal who has been showcased in many magazines like Forbes and Blackbelt is the one of the leading guides available to survive in a world with increasing crime rates. Mike Westerdal had been picked on in his childhood for being small and was raised in a household infested with domestic violence and substance abuse.

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Real Life Self Defense Review

Most people believe that these crimes that happen will never happen to them or anyone in their immediate circle, but you never know where the criminal is and what his next move is. Being under the illusion that you are safe and nothing bad is coming your way is naive and is almost as bad as being paranoid and scared throughout your day and not being prepared.

People generally think that they know what to do when they are being attacked or mugged. But think, how do you know what to do? you must have heard of methods or tricks of how to react or seen a video on Youtube, but do you want to trust the advice of some friend who’s name you cant remember or a Youtube video from some untrained professional with a GoPro? No, right?  


This book catches the true essence of self defense and is written by a famous author,Mark Westerdal. The book encapsulates various armed and unarmed methods of self-defense and how the most important thing to remember if you want to stay safe is that the you must overcome your fear and not be intimidated by the assailant, because just knowing self-defense is not enough you should have the physical and mental strength to use the techniques in time of danger.

The book explains to the reader first why you should learn and prepare yourself mentally so that you are not afraid of the attacker or even the attack it self, because any weapon or martial arts training will be laid to waste if you are afraid and cannot use it.

Once you have learnt how to be calm enough to think and then to react in situations where there is an imminent threat to you then the next step is to learn how to react. Being a little paranoid and hence prepared with a weapon is always good but even if you do not have a weapon on yourself, you can always look around for one. Many Every Day Carry (EDC) things can be used as weapons to either attack or defend yourself in such situations. A few of the EDC things that can be used to attack would be a walking stick, an umbrella, a knuckle ring and if you are in the mood for a little music then a guitar and a few things that would be useful to defend yourself are a bag, a skateboard, a guitar case and if you know how to then something like a walking stick or an umbrella too could be used defensively.

All of this is if you are not prepared if you are the kind of person that likes to be prepared before hand then you can choose between a variety of wepons right from a license requiring gun or a knife depending on what country and state you are from or you could also opt for a stun gun which is a really good defensive weapon as it incapacitates the attacker while you can run to safety or call others or the police for help. Also another benefit of the stun gun is that no actual harm is done to the attacker and hence in future if you are in a court of law it will be easier to explain your action in name of defense which is not true in case of the gun or knife. The problem with a gun or a knife is that in a situation where you are threatened and with some luck manage to get an upper hand on the attacker with the help of a gun or a knife then at times you may end up harming the attacker more than what you can account for as defense in a court of law. This can cause legal issues for you in the future. There is another weapon like the stun gun, in sense that it will not have legal implications later for you, called a tactical pen. It is something that looks like a simple pen and is hence discreet and will thereby allow you to gain the upper hand allowing you to strike the first blow and simply incapacitate the attacker for you to run to safety.

Should you buy the book?

Many other such tip, tricks and weapon choices will be revealed to you in the book. The author being a bodyguard if well versed in both defensive and offensive combat and that is will learn about through his experiences and hypothetical scenarios. The book is a must by for those who want to have the skilled to fend for themselves when the situation calls for it. Itis always better to have skills and not need them than to need the skills and not have them.