Self Defense Tips and Tricks for Women

Today the times are bad, crime rate are sky rocketing around the globe. Crimes such as mugging, murder and rape are crimes of opportunity. The criminals mind scouts who from a crowd seems like an easy target and then attacks. Due to the female body being genetically smaller, shorter and essentially not as strong as the average male body criminals generally target woman. Sex offenders and rapists also are almost always male and hence target women.

If you are a women who lives or travels alone you should be worried and hence take measures to ensure your own safety. Not that the police fore assigned my the Government is not out there, but due the to ever decreasing cop-civilian ration the police force isn’t able to protect all the people and hence there is not better time to to start learning about self defense.

Tips and Tricks for women to defend themselves:

Tie your hair

Attackers generally look to grab your hair and hence take control of you. If you either have your hair tied or if not quickly tuck them inside your collar to avoid letting the attacker easily grab them and also to make it easier for you you fight without having your hair distracting and blocking your own vision.

Get ready to fight

Once you find that you are under attack take a fighting stance you are comfortable with, this shows the attacker you are not scared and that you are ready to take on a fight or at least not give in without a fight. The position we suggest is bring your fists to your face and shield your face/head with your hands, while keeping your vision clear so you can see your attacker at all time and then keep your stronger foot a little forward than the other.

Be and look aware

Criminals may target women that look troubled or distracted and who may be oblivious to the attacker approaching granting the attacker an element of surprise which may help him gain the upper hand. You must keep check of where you are and who is around you and make sure to look people back in the eye if they are looking towards you to make them know that you have noticed them.

Scream for help

Yelling and screaming for help may not always mean that people will come to your rescue but it may scare the attacker enough for you to make a run for it and escape to safety. Also you could carry an emergency whistle with you which is loud enough to attract attention. Many women generally get confused or are too rattled in a scenario like this and do not know what to scream. So, screaming something like “fire” might attract more attention and gather more people that screaming something which is ambiguous like “help”.

Know what you are carrying

Always be aware of what you are carrying with you in your hand or in your purse and which of those Every Day Carry (EDC) things can be used as weapon to help you defend yourself. Things like an umbrella, a violin or its case, a skateboard, or even a pen could also be the small advantage you need to ensure your safety in scenarios where you are under imminent danger.

Know where to attack

Regardless of if or not you have a weapon or are forced to engage in a physical confrontation then you must know the weak spots of a man to make sure what ever attacks you land count and cause damage enough to knock him out or at the least incapacitate him long enough to run to safety to call for help. The weak points in a man are the eyes, throat, the groin and the knees. So a poke in the eye with your fingers or a pen or a stab or punch to the throat, or a strong kick directly to the groin or a kick on the knee-cap can be very effective.

Safety is the goal

The point of self defense is to defend your self and not to attack the attacker or inflict damage. What this means is that if at any point to see that the attacker is distracted or is incapacitated or knocked out, do not wait or hesitate and just run to safety and call 911 or call other for help. Run towards a crowded or busy street or if its after hours run to a place which is well lit. Keep in mind a kick to the groin or a poke in the eye are both done with only one purpose, that is to buy you enough time to run to safety.

Dont be afraid to get hurt or dirty

Take a fight and make sure that he sees that you are prepared to fight. Many women worry that punching someone will hurt then too, we are not saying that it won’t hurt, just that the pain is minimal and will disappear soon and the pain it causes the attacker if punched in the right place will cause enough pain to buy you time to flee to safety making the pain you bare well worth it.

Make use of your surroundings

If you are aware of your surrounding you will be able to asses what things you can use from your surroundings to your benefit. Break a window and set off a car alarm to not only try and scare off the attacker but also to attract attention. Use the lids of trash cans to defend if the attacker has a knife.

Be sharp with your ears

If you know you are passing through a bad neighborhood or that it is after hours and dark and you are walking alone, try to avoid listening to music or talking on the phone and keep your ears attentive to hear your attacker approach. Most criminals tend to attack from the behind and hearing footsteps can make the slight advantage in giving you a head start to flee or to decide to turn around and shock and confront the attacker.

Be calm

It may be the hardest thing to do at a time that you are being attacked but being calm and collected can actually be the difference between life and death. If you are calm you can think of thing to help defend yourself, remember to scream, set off and alarm, but if you are panicking then your mind won’t think of those things and will be sacred.

How to escape certain holds

If an attacker is chocking you from behind you can use your heel or shoe to stamp hard on his toes to cause pain which he can not ignore making him loosen his grip and allowing you to flee. If the attacker has grabbed you in a bear hug from the back, then you can move your head backward attempting to him if in the nose or jaws or kick backward with your feet into his groin. If the attacker is holding your head from the front then your your arms to hold one of his legs and pull to make him lose his balance and fall. If the attacker is chocking you from the front then bend down and headbutt him into his chin and then knee him hard into his groin as he is recovering from the headbutt.