Strike pen review – Best Self Defense Tactical Pen from Ape Survival

Times are dark, humanity has come to a point where more that half of the news we read or watch is about a murder, a break-in, a rape or just some other crime. Why we have fallen to a state where we are fighting amongst each other when we should be united and fight against issues that concern the survival of our race such as global warming.

Now the the fight has come to us and we are surrounded by endless crimes it is smart to think about our protection. It is not that we should not trust the Government to protect us with their police force, it is just that due the the increase in population across the globe and decreasing numbers in people opting to become a cop many countries find themselves with a very small cop to civilian ratio which inturn hampers their effectiveness in being able to protect everyone.

You must prepare your self for a fight because you never know when it may find you. Especially in todays world where people can find your location through GPS and a stranger driver an UBER has your location or when your share your location through images on social media or snapchat (or what they use in the states) and make your self an easy target which is more true in case of girl who give away their location to their stalkers or creeps in general. So to protect your self when danger comes you can use many things that you may be carrying on a daily basis like an umbrella to attack or a bag or skate board to defend.

Another such invention called the StrikePen is something you could use for your defense. It look, feels and weighs similar to a standard pen, but is build with feature to help you defend your self from a potential attacker.

What is the StrikePen?

The StrikePen is a strategically discreet tactical pen that looks and functions like any ordinary pen but can also be used for the holder’s or rathers weilder’s defense. Just like  normal pens are small and easy to carry so is the StrikePen. It is build to be strong and sturdy and lightweight at the same time. The StrikePen is a perfect tool for you if you want to protect yourself without splurging your months salary on a armour or a gun, which unlike the StrikePen would require a legal license to carry one.

What are the prominent features of the StrikePen?

The material – is used to make the body of the pen is a milled alloy used in aircrafts, which makes it strong but lightweight to use.

The design – is similar to that of a pen and this feature can be used to get the upperhand on the attacker and land the first blow.

The grip – the body of the pen has curves and hence offers excellent grip.

The DNA collector 

the strike pen is a regular pen and has ink and is designed in a– this is a recently added feature that has a crown on one end and when used correctly the crown can help collect DNA of the attacker, which can later be used by the officers to identify the attacker.

The Pen  way that it can write at any angle, even upside-down.

What are the Pros and Cons of the StrikePen?


– It is legal and unlike a gun doesn’t require a license.

– It is lightweight and small hence easy to carry.

– It is designed to look like a pen and hence can be used to fool your attacker giving you the upperhand and a chance to land the first blow.

– having is increases your chances at escaping and saving your life.

– it is very cost effective when compared to an armor or a gun in respect to protecting yourself.


– the pen is not available in store and the only way to purchase one is online.

– once used in defense, it may not write as flawlessly as before.

– the product should be used in the way as shown in the manual that comes along with it for it to be effective and some people may have problems following the instructions.


It all boils down to the fact that the StrikePen is a wonderfully designed tactical pen that is easy to carry and use against attackers to protect you. It is also a feasible option for protecting yourself as compared to guns and armour. The pen is look so simple to look at but strong and steady when you need it to be, that even special forces of the military and the secret service use it.