How to Survive Multiple Attackers?

If you’ve ever been bullied by a group of kids in school, you already know how it feels to get picked on by multiple people. Now, imagine that you’ve all grown up and are walking through empty streets and get surrounded by multiple assailants in a corner. They’re armed and in the mood for some blood. If you freeze up because of fear you’re bound to get badly hurt or even lose your life. The only way to survive is to fight or flight. Well, you’re in luck. We’ve got a few tips and tricks for you to survive such dangerous situations.


Let’s make some things clear first. These brawls will never be clean. Your assailants won’t shy away from playing dirty. So, you need to do everything in your power to survive and for your self defense. They are out for blood and you will have a tough time if you aren’t careful.

Mark Your Exit: First thing you need to do in such a situation is to look for an exit. Trust me they’re going to make it really hard for you to escape. They won’t take turns to attack like in a video game or a movie. They will come all at once, remember they’re out for blood. Once you locate your exit, do everything in your power to get to it and make your escape.

Float Like a Butterfly: Be in constant motion to deflect whatever they throw at you. The hands can’t hit what the eyes can’t see, don’t give them a chance to get close to you. Keep your distance and you’ll be able to survive. Your number one priority should be get to safety. Being a tough guy and taking them head on is as good as writing your name on a tombstone yourself. Redirecting their hits and safeguarding yourself is a good tactic.

Sting Like a Bee: Your assailants will never play fair. So, you need to step up your game too. Attack the soft spots and disable them as quickly as possible. Kick the groin, jab that neck, punch that nose and kick those knees to quickly put them on the ground. This will give you enough time to make a run for it. Don’t be afraid to play dirty because that’s how you’re going to survive such situations. These priority targets are good for swift execution.

Show Them Who’s Boss: Want to see armed men back up? Here’s a neat trick. Find out who’s the leader of the group and annihilate him. Seeing their leader go down, the rest will lose their will to fight. They will back up and give you a path to escape. Make sure you make the injury visible and break everyone’s will to fight you. Basically, show them who’s boss.

Tag! You’re It: In simple worlds, shielding. The first person who steps up to attack you is your very own shield. Disable and grab him to keep him between you and the rest of the group. He will help you block all your assailant’s attacks. Once he’s back to his senses throw him towards the nearest guy and find a new toy to play with. Make sure you lose the attacker before he can come back to senses and counter attack you. You don’t want to give the enemy that kind of an advantage.

The Worlds Your Playground: Use your surroundings to your advantage. See a garbage can? Use its lid as a shield. Iron pipes can be used to knock their knees out. Broken beer bottles are the perfect way to keep your attackers at bay. If you see a slippery slope make them move towards it so that they lose their footing and make it easier for you to attack or escape. Try to move into lighted areas to improve your visibility. Use cars as obstacles to keep some distance between you and your assailant. You can also try to acquire their weapons by knocking them out.

Be a Mindhunter: Attack their minds to end the fight to your advantage. Make your first attack to be as ugly as possible. Make sure it is very visible and break their will to fight. The more visible your first attack is the better your chances of surviving the night. It will attack their psych and they will scatter without you getting hurt. Remember your goal is to fight with the least amount of people and escape safely, this technique instills fear in them and helps you make a run for it.

Talk your Way Out: The best way to survive an attack involving multiple assailants would be the one that involves the least amount of violence. Try to talk them out of hurting you and letting you go. Make sure you don’t show fear because they smell fear from a mile away. Start with letting go of your ego and saying sorry. This will make them think they’re the tough guys and leave you alone. It’s obviously better than getting kicked in the gut by 4 guys. If you act hostile they will definitely attack you to show dominance. Obviously talking them out of hurting you won’t be easy and it requires a lot of street smarts to pull it off, but if you do pull it off it will save you a lot of medical bills.

Check out some ways you can fight a bunch of guys in the video below

You never know when you will be targeted by a gang of assailants who’re looking to beat someone just to look tough. It is up to you on how you handle such situations. Useless aggravation will only lead to more violence and someone getting hurt. It is a good idea to learn self defense moves to use in such situations. You can always carry pepper sprays, tasers or whistles to defend yourself. Make sure you keep your head cool and do whatever it takes to escape such situations