The Citizen Self Defense Walking Stick Review

The citizen self defense walking stick looks like an ordinary cane. The fact that it doesn’t look anything out of ordinary offer an advantage because the attacker will not consider this as a weapon of self defense. Rather it will be considered as a symbol of weakness. When you use it against the attacker there will be an element of surprise which will baffle him and will give you an edge over him.

Also you will be able to carry it easily through security checkpoints where you might not able able to take a lot of other weapons.

While it looks like an ordinary cane under normal circumstances, you can just push a button to turn it into a PR 24 self defense device. Now in case you are able to use the Pr 24 side handle baton, you can easily use it to defend yourself from the person who is attacking it.

Watch this video below for more information on the product

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