The Lost Ways Review – Warning! Dont Buy This Until You Read This Review

Have you ever wondered how you’d survive if the economy crashed or we faced a disastrous war and surviving without the basic necessities of the 21st century was the only way to live? I bet it hadn’t even crossed your mind till I brought the topic up. Well not to fear, Claude Davis the author of the book “The Lost Ways” has got it all figured out and has shared knowledge passed down by his ancestors and native Americans about surviving without things like electricity, refrigeration and electronic gadgets. This book will help you survive without your local Walmart’s and Targets.

About the Author of The lost ways – Claude Davis

Claude Davis is a survival expert and the owner of the well-known survival website After being a survival expert for about 30 years and scared for the future of mankind, he decided to help people save themselves during future dire times by spreading the ways of our forefathers through his book. He wishes that these survival techniques will help us survive the times to come. Claude lives in the woods with his wife and two kids in a log cabin he made himself. He has equipped his kids with the necessary knowledge to survive the harsh world without any modern technology. He made them self-sufficient and showed them how to use natural less known resources which are an easy substitute to resources procured my modern science.

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Overview of The Lost Ways Program

Claude argues that people have lost their survival skills because modern amenities have made their lives easier and they no longer need to struggle to live life. His book emphasizes on the fact that learning how to live without modern necessities is very important because you never know when a calamity hits us and we go back to the dark ages. If such a calamity does happen, most people would survive and die because they won’t be equipped to live in such environments and starvation would take out most of humanity.

Here are some of the topics this book covers:

  • A detailed guide to make medicines out of locally available wild plants with clear pictures and descriptions.
  • Easy ways to collect and store water by making natural water sheds.
  • Tips and tricks on how to catch animals with the help of traps.
  • A detailed guide on how to make underground shelters.
  • Various recipes to make food out of freshly available resources.

These are some of the topics Claude has emphasized about and he greatly feels that we went back to our roots rather than making our lives easier by the day because survival of the fittest is the first law of nature.

Things to Look Out for in “The Lost Ways”

With the advent of survival paranoia amongst the people with the increase in apocalypse like scenarios throughout the world, the need for survival guides has increased tenfold. Well survival junkies have no need to worry because Claude has written a comprehensive guide on how to survive a harsh world without any necessities. His take on this topic with the use of our ancestral knowledge and the techniques used by native American’s has been a breakthrough in the survival guide world.

This 350-page book is the step by step guide to survive any natural or man-made catastrophe. It’ll help you acquire all the skills you need to enhance your survival chances.

Some of the skills you’ll learn from The Lost Ways Book

  • Food: Native American scouts had to survive on what they found in their surroundings. This book has certain recipes that will help provide enough nourishment to your body to survive through your daily struggles at the time of a catastrophe. It teaches you how to build your own smokehouse, make beer and make survival bark bread.
  • Water: I believe there is going to be a time when fresh water will be a major commodity because of its scarcity and wars would break out just for some fresh water. Davis in his book has provided us with solutions to our future water problems by mentioning ways to collect and store water in an affordable way.
  • Housing: One of the biggest concerns Davis has is the issue of shelter. He thinks we won’t have a safe haven to protect ourselves from harsh weather conditions. He has jot down a detailed guide to build underground houses which could be spacious enough for up to 4 families. These underground houses are similar to the ones used by Native Americans which helps you to protect yourself and your family with limited resources.
  • Traps: Winter is a time when it is a struggle to grow crops and the time right after winters could be a tough time without food. Davis teaches us details on how to make easy traps to cash animals for food. This will make sure people don’t die out during winters due to starvation.
  • Medicines: Davis has provided us with the necessary information to make our own medicines with the help of locally available plants and herbs. He has written a detailed description about the plants and where to find them with clear pictures so that it is very easy to recognise them.
  • Bullets: This section is especially for those people who always wondered what would happen if you no longer had bullets and had to defend yourself. Davis tells us how to save bullets in the time of a crisis and also what to do when you finally run out of bullets.

Benefits of Buying “The Lost Ways”:

  • Tips are easy to relate to and can be used also in our daily lives. You can use these tips to save money on food, water and medicine by using naturally available resources.
  • It is the most comprehensive guide on the market with tried and tested tips. These techniques can be used by anyone and you do not need to be specially trained for this. Hence this book is very cost efficient and you get what you pay for.
  • The book is for the kind of people who have a “Do-it-yourself” attitude. Claude aims to change the people who have turned complacent because of the modern technology, so that they have a chance to fight for their lives when the time comes.
  • It is available in both digital and printed versions so you can opt for whatever you’re more comfortable with.
  • Lastly, this book has a 60-day money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with teachings of this book and its author.

Downsides of Buying “The Lost Ways”

  • The only downside to this book is that it doesn’t come any audio or video which is a problem because audio-video has a greater impact and helps you understand better.
  • This book needs a bit of commitment and follow through because you can’t learn and master these techniques overnight and you need to practice a bit before you get on with the real thing.

Product Notable:

The book “The Lost Ways” by Claude Davis has Clickbank gravity score of over 200 which means it is very popular and is top ranked. Clickbank is one of the leading provider of information of digital products and its approval on this book shows that it is indeed the best self-help survival guides out there.

File Format:

The Lost Ways is available in both digital format and in a hard copy style. Though you’ll have to pay an extra $8.99 for shipping and handling whereas the digital copy is ready to use as soon as you pay. The digital format is compatible with all kinds of mobile platforms and devices which support PDF viewing.

Product Cost:

$37.00 USD, $8.99 for handling and shipping if you want the hard copy.


It is not available in traditional offline stores or on Amazon, you have to visit their website to purchase the book.

Refund Policy:

They have a 60-day full refund policy if you’re not satisfied with the book.

The Verdict:

All in all, there is no other book like “The Lost Ways” out there. If you believe in the comings of a dire time and want to prepare yourself and your family to survive this crisis, I recommend you to purchase this book and follow it tips to make your life more safe and secure. This book teaches you the significance of the knowledge put down from generations for our survival. It helps you to make the most of food and water resources without putting a dent in your pocket. And if you aren’t satisfied with the product and its teachings then you can simply get a full refund in the first 60 days, so I say it’s a win-win situation