Top 8 Self Defense Tools For Women

Crime rates are increasing around the world and times aren’t safe for anyone. Heinous crimes like murder, muggings and rapes. All these crimes are committed by criminals who need intent/motive which is either personal or the most common motive behind any crime in the world, money. The one thing they need which we have a little control over is an opportunity. We can look prepared and alert and also arm our selves with a weapon from a vast variety of self defense weapons to choose from or even learn self-dense arts to help fend for yourself and others you care about when under threat.

Criminals generally have a method where they choose an easy target, an easy target to a criminals is someone smaller than him, looks well-off and seems like someone who can not put up a fight. Generally women are built to be shorter as compared to men in general and hence do not look as intimidating to a criminals, hence making for an easy target. Sex crimes are almost always commited by men and hence again making women a prime target. Essentially in times like today women are at a higher risk than men and should take this impending threat seriously and prepare themselves with self defense tools or arts.

People are busy with their lives and work and struggling to maintain a healthy balance between the two at all times. We know how valuable time is and understand that taking out time from your busy schedules for self-defense training isn’t a luxury everyone can afford. Hence we have come up with a list of self-defense tools that women can use to protect themselves and the best part it they are very easy to use and will not take too much of your time to learn how to use one.

Our list of the best 8 Self Defense tools available :

Honeycomb Hairbrush Stiletto Dagger :

The Honeycomb Hairbrush Stiletto Dagger is a Cold Steel product. It looks like an ordinary hairbrush at first but if you pull the handle of the hairbrush it will reveal the concealed 8 inch stiletto dagger which is made from a material called fiber glass that make the dagger weather resistant. The fact that the dagger is hidden in plain sight and looks like a harmless hairbrush to the attacker grants you an element of surprise which if used smartly can help you get and upper hand on your attacker and flee while you have incapacitated him with the dagger.

Lip Stick Stun Gun:

The Lip Stick Stun Gun is a regular lip stick to look at from the outside but has a inbuilt stun gun and a powerful flash light. The most valable feature is that it looks like an ordinary lip stick imparting to it an element of surprize which can be all the difference between life and death in a situation where you are attacked.

Lip Stick Perrer Spray :

The Lip Stick Pepper spray looks exactly like a standard lip stick and there by making it look harmless to the clueless attacker. This can give you an element of surprise and if used smartly can let you spray him in the face/eyes, incapacitating the attacker long enough to run to safety or call for help or dial 911.

Kuba-Kickz Plastic Knuckles for your Shoes :

These are Knuckles made out of strong and sturdy plastic which can be put in between the shoe laces of your shoes. The plastic knuckles are not very noticeable and also make a normal kick from your foot much more fatal and can hence immobilize the attacker for you to flee to a safer location and/or scream for help.

ApeSurvival Strike Pen:

The ApeSurvival Strike Pen is a tacitica pen which is discreet and intentionally made to look like an ordinary pen. The pen is made from high grade aluminium which make it strong and light weight both. It is easy to carry and can inflict fatal blows. The pen also has an edge with a crown of teeth to act as a DNA collector which if used to deal a blow to the attacker will collect his DNA which can later be used to identify him.

Sabre Personal Self Defense Safety Alarm:

The Sabre Personal Self Defense Safety Alarm had a key chain ring attached to it and is something which can be used as a keychain or something you hold in your hand as you walk home, especially if you are alone and its dark and after hours. The Sabre Personal Self Defense Safety Alarm is very simple to use and with the click of a single button it will start ringing and cause your attacker to be alarmed and also attract attention which is something no attacker wants.

The Cat Personal Safety Keychain :

The Cat Personal Safety Keychain look like an ordinaty adorable cat keychain, but it is an exceptional self defense tool. This cat shaped keychain is used to disguise a set of brass knuckles, where te eyes of the cat are the grip and the ears are the sharp pointy and pain inflicting knuckles. This enchances the damage and pain inflicting power of a simple punch many times over and hence can come very handy in time if you are being attacked. They come in both plastic and metal and neither break easily and are very strong.

Monkey Fist Self Defense Keychain Ball:

The Monkey Fist Self Defense Keychain Ball is made to look like some ordinary keychain hence making the attacker believe it is harmless. The keychain has a long rope like thing with a ball at the end, what is actually is, is a 1 inch mental ball wrapped in strong and tear resistant paracord which is also stretchable. It can be used to swing at your attacker and a single unsuspecting blow to the face or head is enough to knock out the average male attacker.