Wake Up Lean Program By Meredith Shirk – EXPOSED!

If you have been reading about or been on a few weight loss programs without any or much effect we are sure the book “Wake Up Lean” and the program it talk about will be the last program you will need to hear and read about. If you have been troubled by the high numbers on your weighing scale and it is affecting your self-esteem and even other relationships in your life then this program is the answer to all your problems and can help you lose weight and regain your lost confidence.

The book talks about a programs which may interest you because it aims at achieving weight loss through tricks targeted to increase your rate of metabolism which essentially results in you losing those pounds. The book takes you through how our modern eating habits contains excessive sugar and also toxins that play a major role in causing the body to store fat that it actually needs leading to that belly you want to get rid of so eagerly.

What is the Wake up Lean program?

The program is called the “Wake up Lean” program as it is a fact that your metabolism is higher at night and help burn some of the stubborn belly fat essentially you wake up a little slimmer than when you went to bed. It is the extra calories you intake on a daily basis that leads to an increase in your weight but with this program we teach you tricks to increase your rate of metabolism and speed up the process there by burning the belly fat faster.

The program also aims to help stop inflammation enzymes to burn otherwise blocked belly fat. The book provides a ten day blueprint on how to work on losing the ever-resisting fat around your belly. It also states what foods you must eat in order to aid the ten day blueprint to be fruitful and what foods you must avoid. According to the author if you carefully follow all the instructions then you will lose 5 pounds.

About the author of the book “Wake Up Lean”

The designer of this program and the author of the book is Meredith Shirk. She is a Fitness Nutrition Specialist who lives in California. On one of her trips through the jungles of Panama she discovered that certain nutrients and minerals when combined together can stop the inflammation enzymes and essentially help you not only lose stubborn belly fat but also look younger.

Some prominent features of the Wake up Lean book are:

– The author of the book is a renown nutritionist and through her trip in the jungle of panama learnt how certain foods and tricks can help reduce your belly fat which is otherwise never ready to give in.

– The book contains lots on insight into the working and mechanisms of how the body gains weight, which is very something you must understand first in order to understand how to first not gain more weight and second lose your existing belly.

– A ten day blueprint on how to achieve a flat belly is also given in the book. The book with guide you through the blueprint and also explain why you are doing a certain exercise or eating a certain food.

– Some of the main reason for body weight gain are weakened blood vessels and the inflammation enzymes which accumulate around the heart and lungs when you are around the age of forty. It is these things that cause your efforts at reducing your belly fat to go in vain. The book will teach you methods to find a way around it.

– Instead of the generally long and strenuous work-outs suggested in books to help reduce that weight, which causes more harm than good as it harms joints and too much work out isn’t good either. Hence the book suggests a simple fast not very strenuous exercises to help go along with a suggested diet of what to eat and what to avoid.


– The book has a lot of research done my the author, Meredith Shirk, to support the suggestions and claims it makes and hence you can rest assured that the program will work for you if you follow ever instruction carefully.
– You don’t have to stay hungry all day in order to reduce your weight, that is one thing the author is against and instead suggests a list of things you should have frequently and a list of things you must try and avoid.
– This program is will give results for both the male as well as the female body, so if you were looking for a workout to follow with your spouse then your search ends here.
– If you are above forty years of age and are trying to reduce your weight this program, unlike no other, is targeted also towards to the older people and will help and benefit you.
– The work-outs are short so you don’t have to take out precious hours from your day to work-out, because we all know how important time is in a busy time like today.
– The program will give you a clear insight into why a certain aspect or exercise is suggested in the program so you know why you are doing or eating what you are doing or eating.
– The program is designed by Meredith in such a manner that you should be able to see results within the first 10 days of the work out if every step and instruction is followed.


– The book isn’t available in stores and can only be purchased online.

Why you must purchase the Wake up Lean book?

After having tried a few programs maybe you are not very sure about this one, well but Meredith Shirk is a legit Fitness Nutritionist and her book is backed by research and all the methods and tricks have been tried and tested by her initially on her clients and only then did she make the program to help others lose weight in a simpler and relatively faster way, which is why you must buy the book and try the program