What to do After Getting Mugged? – Recovering from a Robbery Attack

Getting mugged is definitely not the best feeling in the world. People often end up losing really important stuff because of this. The person who is mugged is left scared and confused once they are mugged but it is important to act fast after it. It might be tough to act fast after going through the shock of being mugged.

But once acted upon fast there might be a chance for being able to catch the thief and get the belonging back. Below are listed some particular things which a person should do after getting mugged.

Call the emergency services

Connecting with the emergency services is very important because it not only will this help report the crime but in case of any injury an ambulance will be called for medical help in need of. Letting emergency services like 9-1-1 know will also help in case the robber get their hands on your bank cards or may be using your identity for wrong purposes. Whenever a robbery is reported from a particular neighborhood it appears in that particular neighborhood’s database letting people know to be alert.

File a report in local police department

It is very important to report the incident to your local police department as it will alert the police about the lingering threat in your neighborhood. In case it happened near an educational institution, it will be a good idea to alert them about the incident.

Let the police know in case security cameras were present in the crime scene

The building or the alleyway near which the person was mugged may have security cameras present there which can help in identifying the robber, and to know the direction to which the robber ran.

Contact parents or someone close

While getting better from the shock of getting robbed it will be good to give a call to the parents especially if any cards were robbed which were connected to their bank account. They can cancel those cards right away. Take care of the rest of the matter and then call them again to explain the incident elaborately.

Get the cards blocked as soon as possible

If the robber has been able to take away one’s wallet which had their cards then there is a high chance that the robber will use it for making purchases or they may even use the victim’s identity. The best thing would be to immediately call the helpline of the bank and let them know that the card had been stolen and they should block those immediately. There are special helplines available for these kind of problems and one can find those numbers by simply searching it on google. In case of cards belonging to different banks then different helpline numbers need to be called. Once reported about the cards being stolen, the bank will mail a new card to the residential address which will take maximum 10 business days to arrive. Doing this fast is really important because during the time the person will be without their cards, they won’t have any access to the money in the bank. Except if they have cheque book available then that can be used to withdraw money. In case of non-availability of cheque book the person may have to borrow from parents or friends until the new card arrives. Keeping a little bit of cash aside in case of these kind of emergencies are advisable.

Get medical aid in case of any injury

It is very important that in case one gets severely injured during the robbery that they seek immediate medical help for it. If any of the injuries lead to excessive blood loss then it may cause to get admitted to the hospital. One’s physical health is way more important than getting back their belongings.


Check your phone

In case you have apps which can help tracking the location of your phone it is best to check on it. This will not only help to get the location of the phone but will also give the police a lead on the location of the robber. A lot of phones gives out GPS signals all the time so it should be easy to track it except when the robber turns off the phone. One should not go after the GPS signals themselves by rather should notify the police as personal safety is the most important. One can start by borrowing a phone from a friend or the officers. IPhones have a special feature which will let you delete all the data of the stolen phone when login to another iPhone using one’s apple id and password. This should be done in case there are passwords and card pin numbers saved on the phone which can be misused by the robber. A similar feature is available for android devices too. This can be done using the Google Android Device Manager. The pre-requisite to use this is that the stolen device needs to have been logged in before with a google account and must have active internet and should also be connected to the setting of Device Manager. One can also erase the data on the phone with the help of this setting and can also lock the phone completely so that the robber cannot use it.

Change the passwords to your applications

If there is still a little bit of chance that the phone can be misused by the robber, then the best thing to do would be to borrow someone’s phone and use to login to the applications one has and change their passwords. It is always best to be safe from all directions.

Contact someone to help you out

It is advisable that during these kind of situations it is better to call one’s parents in case they stay nearby or to contact close friends who can come and help out. One should not be walking or driving back home alone after getting mugged as it does leave a certain amount of shock in the person’s mind and can also be a traumatizing experience especially if any physical violence has been caused.

Take the contact information of the officer or detective

Definitely remember to take the contact number or maybe a business card from the officer or detective in charge of your case. One will need to know about the progress made on the case.

Take a nice shower

The whole scenario of getting mugged is terrible. So it is definitely important to treat yourself with kindness and get a nice shower. There can also be dirt present on one’s body or may be on the wounds if there is any. For some people the dirt is very figurative as the experience and physical violence if there was any can make someone feel depressed.

Take a leave for sometime

For a lot of people getting some rest after an incident like this helps them get their heads cleared. Ask for a leave from the university in case of a student or from the office. This is very important for one’s mental and emotional well-being. One should definitely not feel guilty for asking for a leave.

Think about returning to the place where the mugging occurred

For plenty of people this can be a huge trigger especially if they has a physical exchange with the robber. Bur for some people this can be healing for them. A lot of people may have to return to the scene of crime because they may walk or drive from that particular while running some errand or maybe if it’s a part of their daily routine. In case feeling very scared of being in that place again, one should ask a friend to accompany them and also should go to some new place where they may feel a bit rejuvenated. If one still fail to feel secured then they can also ask for assistance from the police also. The police will be with the person for a particular amount of time and will help the person feel secured in that particular place.

Replace the things which were lost

First one should prepared about the fact that they may not be getting back the things they have lost in the mugging. It is important to understand and let go of those lost things which cannot be replaced. Replace the things which are replaceable like the phone, wallet and cards. The new cards from the bank are free of any extra cost and shall be mailed to the residential address and the new driving license will also be mailed.

Download apps to track the new phone

Just as an added precaution get an insurance on the new phone. Download apps on the phone which will help you know its location at all times. This needs to be done just in case the phone gets stolen again.

Stop thinking about the “what if’s”

Do not think about what would have happened if things had gone different or if one were just a little bit more cautious. Whatever happened cannot be changed, one should accept it and move on rather than blaming themselves. Nothing can be changed and it’s better to not scrutinize oneself because of it. Even if someone says that person should have been more careful, remember to let them know that under no circumstance was it one’s own fault to be mugged.

Confide with somebody

For many moving on from this experience can be really tough. It is really helpful to confide with someone whom one can trust like friends, family, significant other or maybe even a therapist. Trauma leads to a lot of things to be bottled up inside so it is very helpful to get help. In case it feels unsafe to leave the house, then one can also contact a mental health provider over a phone call.

There are some pre-cautions one may take to make sure that they are able to avoid getting mugged. Robbers who wants to steal tend to wait for their victim to be alone, let’s say, in a dark and empty road. This increases their chances of scaring the person and taking away their belongings. Thus, empty roads and dark places should be avoided at all times and the person should try to walk in a crowded place. Be more aware about your surroundings while walking and analyse if anyone can be a potential threat to you. Try to avoid talking to strangers as they can be a robber waiting to distract you and then steal things by physically harming you. In case one chooses to walk, then they are most likely to be vulnerable to getting mugged so it is better to not wear anything expensive looking as it can catch the eye of the robber.

Another thing that needs to be kept in mind is that while walking one should definitely not look like a victim. Some ways to be making sure that one does not look like a victim would be – keeping one’s head up and not bowed, look in the eye of the people, stand straight, keep the shoulders back, don’t put the hands inside the pocket and stand with the a little bit of space between the feet. These movements will let the robber know that they will have to deal with someone strong in case they think of mugging. Also take self-defense classes as they will help out a lot against robbers as well as anyone who may try to attack. Martial arts or maybe Brazilian jiu-jitsu, boxing, Russian sambo, krav maga, karate or keysi all are really good forms of self-defense. Beware of any area where robbers have been reported to attacking people, especially at night. Do not walk in dark alleys and in case of coming back from night events from a friends place or a party, ask someone to accompany you while going back home or maybe even stay at the said friend’s place for the night to be safe.